If you are in the mood for a landscape redesign this year, our experts in landscaping in Liberty Township, OH, have the perfect idea for you: rocks! And they don’t mean just rocks, but boulders, gravel, pebbles, pavers, and everything else you can imagine. Adding rocks to a yard makes the entire ensemble gain a unique, fresh, rustic look. Moreover, well-placed rocks enhance the green elements on your property, cut down watering and maintenance costs, and make any yard look like the epitome of landscape architecture.

3 Rock-Based Landscape Design Ideas Easy to Implement

Are you ready to incorporate some rock landscaping ideas into your overall yard design? Then, let’s see what our expert landscaping company in Liberty Township, OH has to say!

1. Add a New Patio

Whether made of concrete, stones, or tiles, patios are an excellent way to reduce your lawn size, add more comfort and style to your yard, and elegantly tie the indoors with the outdoors. Ask our landscape designers in Liberty Township, OH, about extended patios – an enlarged paved area taking the space you would otherwise plant a lawn. You might want to listen to what they have to say.

2. Add Style to Flat Beds with Bold Boulders

Forgive the pun, but large boulders can easily anchor flat planting beds. A small flat front yard would benefit greatly from impactful boulders to add contrast, texture, and depth to the entire ensemble. If your house, fence, driveway, etc., also feature rock and stone, the boulders in the front yard will pull the design together. If you need help creating your new boulder-centric planting beds, ask our specialists in landscaping in Liberty Township, OH, for their help!

3. Add Stone Walls for Both Beauty and Functionality

Didn’t you always say you needed to separate your lawn from the street better or enclose your vegetable garden? Well, here is your moment! Ask our landscape architects in Liberty Township, OH, for their help with building rock walls so you can mix beauty with function. You can use a rustic-chic rock wall to line the sides of your driveway, cover some ugly spots on your property, mark boundary lines, and so on.

Of course, these landscaping ideas could go on. But, depending on your current layout, needs, and preferences, our landscaping experts in Liberty Township, OH, could help you with the design and implementation of a gorgeous rock-based landscape to add beauty and function to your property!