Taking in account the specific climacteric conditions in Loveland, OH, one can wonder about the best plants, trees and flowers to add to their garden and landscape for an outstanding visual effect. New homeowners buying properties in the area are very much interested in landscaping designs which are both resilient to the local weather conditions and beautiful enough to turn the properties in magazine-cover works of art. We met with a few landscaping Loveland, OH experts and talked about some of the most common, yet most resilient and gorgeous plants (requiring low-cost maintenance) you might want to include in your new landscape design.

1. Lilac

This exquisite shrub can face both a cold winter and a hot summer, depending on how you take care of it. Since it is one of the most beautiful shrubs you can get your hands on, lilac should be a centerpiece in your overall landscape design. It announces spring with its scent and delicate flowers and fills your heart with joy. Landscaping Loveland, OH specialists warn homeowners, however, that lilac needs some pruning and the removal of faded flowers or dried branches.

2. Coneflower

This unpretentious daisy-like flower is a joy to the heart and the eye of the admirer. If you plant it in summer in a well-treated soil, you will enjoy its colors for a very long time. Coneflower is quite resilient to cold weather or frosts and it requires low maintenance. It is one of the beneficial plants everyone wants around, as it attracts pollinators, like butterflies and goldfinches. You can also pick up the flowers and make beautiful indoor flower arrangements.

3. Hydrangea

Lawn care Lebanon, OH experts love hydrangea and many landscaping experts in the U.S. recommend it as a part of the landscape. It blooms in a myriad of colors and loves a good, moist, drained and fertile soil. This exquisite shrub doesn’t mind some shady areas either and is pretty resistant to gray skies or some low temperatures. Hydrangeas are not very pretentious, but they need a reliable watering plan you can conceive together with your landscape maintenance Loveland, OH company.

4. Chrysanthemum

Chrysanthemums thrive in many parts of the world, even in cold climates, and they are some of the best flowers to have around. In late summer and early fall your garden will look like a small patch of Paradise as the mums bloom in different vibrant colors. Depending on the variety of mums you wish to grow, you need to make sure you plant them at the right time: some can be planted in late fall while others in full summer heat. It’s not highly significant since mums are some of the most resilient and strong flowers around. A heat wave or a hard frost won’t hurt them. Just make sure they are watered correctly and the soil is properly drained and fertilized.