We know you can’t wait to collaborate closely with our experts in lawn care in Loveland OH to turn your lawn and landscape into gorgeous patches of Paradise. But the budget and finances behind lawn care can empty your pockets faster than you can predict. Today, our experts in lawn care in Loveland OH have a few tips and suggestions for you to start saving on the yard and landscape work without making any compromise on your property’s health and beauty.

1. Proper, Smart, and Affordable Irrigation

Watering your lawn is by far the most expensive lawn care activity in the United States. With water scarcity becoming an unavoidable problem and with local regulations trying to prevent water waste, you should mind your irrigation habits. You will hear plenty of recommendations in this regard, including some saying you should water the lawn only when you see draught symptoms taking over. It can prove a mistake, nevertheless.

The smart way to go about water and money preservation is installing an intelligent irrigation system on your lawn with all the trimmings: smart sensors, times, and cutting-edge sprinklers. You will get a return for your investment in a while, granted, but an irrigation system will last for years and, with little help from our experts in lawn care in Loveland OH, you will enjoy green lush grass and vegetation with no effort and no unnecessary expenses.

2. Mulch and Compost are Your Friends

Unless the freshly mown grass suffers from diseases, collect the clippings and use them with your mulch or compost. Better yet, leave the grass clippings behind on the lawn to act as slow-release fertilizers. Experts say that such a small change in your lawn routine can save up to 30% on fertilizer costs.

Mulch and compost protect your lawn and landscape from diseases, weeds, and pests. Moreover, they also reduce the costs of fertilizers and even water to some extent. As we discussed before, aerate your lawn in spring and fall.

Add a quarter-inch of top-dressing compost to your landscape at least twice a year (or as frequently as your local specialists in lawn care in Loveland OH recommend you) and enjoy resilient and strong vegetation all year long!

3. Try Low-Maintenance Grasses and Herbs

You probably heard about xeriscaping and its ways of safeguarding your lawn and landscape budget. Nevertheless, replacing your turf and trees with boulders and hardscapes can be detrimental – as they collect and emit so much heat in summer, you will feel like taking a trip to a rocky desert.

An interesting compromise is the replacement of high-maintenance turf grasses with low-maintenance ones. Ask your experts in lawn care in Loveland OH about the grass species that would work best in your area (native ones should be a priority) or turning your front yard into a clover field. While many consider clover a weed, this small and green herb makes an excellent alternative as it needs little to no water to keep its green shade and its adorable pale pink inflorescence.

4. Hire the best services of lawn care in Loveland OH

Before you begin spending money on lawn care activities and trial-and-errors projects, ask your local team of experts in lawn care in Loveland OH to offer you a free estimate on the yard and landscape work, extended fertilization, weed, and pest control services, irrigation, and more. You will soon realize that you will spend money wisely and even save plenty when you leave things in the hands of professionals.