Residents in Maineville love their turf, flowers, hardscape and functional outdoor spaces and love to keep them in their best shape with the help of our lawn care Maineville OH experts. But what about the kids? Don’t they need their own personal playgrounds and happy places on the property? Of course they do and parents are always looking for new landscaping Maineville, OH design ideas to keep the little ones happy. The traditional tree house is a good addition, but today our landscaping Maineville, OH colleagues want to present you with 5 more fun and interesting ideas, all dedicated to kids.

1. All-Turf Playground

You can separate a portion of your lawn and turn it into a kids-dedicated outdoor playground. You can ask our lawn care Maineville, OH specialists to overseed an area and create a very thick, resilient and gorgeous patch of turf for your children to play on. You can install some swings or paint the grass to obtain a Twister field. You can also turn the space into a miniature tennis or badminton field. Due to the heavy trampling, the space should always be supervised and maintained by your local lawn care Maineville, OH experts seasonally.

2. Fairy Gardens

Fairy gardens are actually container gardens and educational gardening project for the little ones. If you want them to get used to caring for nature and learning basic principles on how to plant seeds, grow flowers and get imaginative with outdoor decorations, place a few fairy gardens here and there. They are beautiful additions to any deck, patio or backyard and will keep small children happy for years.

3. Sand Boxes

Ask your landscaping Maineville, OH specialists to install a sandbox in your garden or your backyard and bring the beach home to your children. One of the easiest landscaping projects to achieve, this kid-friendly approach can also come together with holes for umbrellas and corner benches. Such landscaping installation can serve a double purpose: it cuts down the lawn size and keeps children happy for a long time. When they grow out of their large backyard sandbox, the same landscaping Maineville, OH specialists can help you turn it into a gorgeous sand garden, oriental style.

4. Fire Pits

If you want to offer your teenage kids some space of their own, with a bit of privacy (but under your discrete supervision), a fire pit is the greatest addition to your landscape. They can have friends over and lots of fun during summer nights. You can also enjoy such masonry element on your property for outdoor relaxation and even cocktail parties.

5. Ponds

There’s nothing like a fish pond or a vegetation pond to keep the kids busy all summer long. A reliable landscaping Maineville, OH company can help you build you a pond with proper lighting in the back yard. You can also add kids-dedicated furniture, even a blackboard for some art, a kiosk and even some garden flowers. Backyard play is a great way to keep your children happy and healthy – with a strong educational component.