A lush, green, and healthy lawn reflects the care and effort you put into it. However, there are not enough lawn experts in the world or lawn fertilizers on the market to keep it thriving if you follow some unhealthy maintenance routines in the hot season. As we said on a previous occasion, keeping your lawn care, gardening, and landscaping activities to a minimum might save your lawn from a weed invasion. Now, our lawn treatments experts in West Chester OH are here to tell you about some mistakes you should avoid!

1. Over-Fertilization

You know your lawn needs nutrients just as much as it needs water, so you tend to feed it too many fertilizers or soil amendments. Such practices can burn the grasses and cause severe disruptions to the soil’s chemical composition. Instead, let your local lawn treatments specialists in West Chester OH continue with their multi-step seasonal fertilization and weed control program.

Another mistake is to use fertilizers at the wrong times of the day and in the incorrect quantities. If you feel like your lawn needs intervention, but your lawn maintenance service providers in West Chester OH did not schedule applications for the next weeks, compost the yard instead of pouring substances all over the place.

2. You Overlook the Health of Your Soil

No amount of fertilizer – organic or otherwise – can maintain your lawn green and healthy if you disregard your soil’s health. Our lawn treatments specialists in West Chester OH discussed soil testing and amending before. Still, if your summer lawn shows signs of fatigue and withering, it may not be the watering or the fertilization schedule, but the soil. Your soil contains an entire ecosystem that you need to tend to if you want your lawn and plants to grow to their optimal potential.

3. You Do Not De-Clutter Your Lawn

Even if you work on your lawn from time to time, you should always pick up your gardening tools, gear, tools, and lawn maintenance equipment. In case you spend time with family and friends enjoying the benefits of a lawn, remember to pick up and store all kiddie pools, chairs, toys, etc. from the turf. Leaving them there compacts the soil and damages the grasses. More than that, a neat and tidy lawn will improve the looks of your property tremendously.

Our lawn treatments pros in West Chester OH recommend you ask for their help with your lawn fertilization and maintenance issues to avoid ruining the beautiful turf you love so much!