Most people throw away their Christmas tree after the holidays, but this only means wasting perfectly good plant material and a resilient tree. If you follow your sustainability principles to a tee, you know you can reuse and repurpose a Christmas tree even if its needles started falling off a bit or it still has some tiny pieces of tinsel tangled in its branches. So, instead of kicking your tree to the curb, give it new life and purpose this year. Today, our experts in landscaping in West Chester, OH, are here to give you some suggestions!

Use the Branches to Protect Other Plants

Cut the longer branches of your Christmas tree with a pair of pruners and lay them over the ground to protect your sensitive plants in winter. It works especially well for perennials. Many plants and grasses are vulnerable to frost during the winter, so a natural ground cover to keep them safe is godsent. Our experts in landscaping in West Chester, OH, say that the reused evergreen branches can make a difference in your plant’s survival or death during a harsh winter. You’ll see in a few moments what to do with the trunk.

Turn the Tree into Mulch

If you have a wood chipper or a shredder, it would be for the best, but such tools are not mandatory. First, remove all tinsel threads and cut the thinner tree branches and twigs into the smallest pieces possible. Then, use them as mulch for your other trees, flowerbeds, or vegetable rows. You can also mulch the paths between the numerous garden beds on your property. Then, every time you walk those paths in winter, you won’t risk slipping on the frozen ground and will enjoy the wonderful smell of the tree.

Use the Trunk for Edging or Plant Support

Once you remove all the branches from the tree, you can think of reusing the trunk as garden bed edging (of the rustic kind) or as support for climbing plants and vegetables or your gorgeous garden vines. If you need help with repurposing the trunk, our landscaping company in West Chester, OH, can give you a hand.

Replant Your Tree

Our lawn and landscape service provider in West Chester, OH, recommends all homeowners replant their Christmas trees after use. Even with their roots chopped off, Christmas trees are resilient and can recover if you pot them and leave them alone to establish.

If you need more ideas or help with repurposing your Christmas tree this year, our landscapers in West Chester, OH, will give you a hand!