While the weather remains warm and you experience nice temperatures in fall, you should consider engaging in some early autumn yard and landscape preparations. Our landscaping company in Mason, OH, is right here these days to suggest a few recommendations and hints on how you may put together your September gardening and landscaping schedule. Do this to experience an excellent yard revival next spring. We will discuss a few details that you surely know. First, however, a quick reminder on early fall yard preparation does not hurt.

1. Mind the Lawnmower

If you’ve got Bermuda, Zoysia, St. Augustine, or centipede grasses embellishing your landscape, you ought to raise your mower’s blades ½ – 1 inch higher starting September. A larger mowing height permits the grasses to develop stronger blades that will seize daylight and save more nutrients for the winter. A denser turf can also prove stronger and more resilient against fall weeds.

2. Engage in Proper Weed Control

Cool-season weeds are on the brink of taking over the place. Our landscaping professionals recommend you consider pre-emergence herbicides in early fall. The best way to ensure that no dormant weeds pop up in spring to ruin your lawn and landscape is to tackle the issue now. Pre-emergent and post-emergent fertilization and weed control in early fall requires a healthy property until the next warm season.

3. Aerate the Soil

Early fall is one of the excellent instances to aerate your soil. Oxygen, daylight, and dedicated fertilizers have a higher chance this period to enhance the roots’ system, strengthening them for what is coming next. Aeration can be a tough task; you may ask your landscaping company in Mason, OH, to provide you professional services this month.

As you know, aeration and overseeding go hand in hand, so don’t forget about this task, either.

5. Engage in Correct Irrigation

If rain or decreased temperatures are yet far from becoming a regular event, ensure you water your property thoroughly. Don’t forget about the newly seeded regions as a way to encourage the grasses to grow. Your landscaping company in Mason, OH, can provide you with exceptional recommendations on how to irrigate your landscape in early fall to reduce water consumption and save some money on irrigation.

5. Call the Experts

If you’re new to landscaping, you ought to understand that early fall is never a season to forestall some mandatory lawn care and landscaping activities. Call your local landscaping team in Mason, OH, for assessment, advice, and the best services money can buy!