Thinking how to improve curb appeal while not spending too much on lawn service and maintenance? Our lawn care Lebanon, OH specialists are here to help you reduce the impressive costs of lawn services you turn to. With these easy and effective tips you will enhance both the appearance and health of your yard. Learn how to prevent your yard and garden from looking dry during the warm season, while maintaining its richness and beauty all summer long. Try out these well-informed lawn care tricks and you will forget about hiring experts too often.

1. The Secrets of Lawn Fertilization
We know how difficult and expensive lawn fertilization sounds to you, but according to lawn care Lebanon OH pros, there is a general tendency of fertilizing too much, which needs to be reduced. Imagine how many costs you can cut down by simply doing a soil test and measuring the exact amount of fertilizers needed. If the pH level of your soil is 5.5 or higher, forget about fertilization. So, having your soil tested will save you from investing too much in unnecessary fertilizers.

2. Pest Control Tips
Lawn service Mason, OH professionals often deal with pests. Property owners typically hire such specialists to get rid of bugs and pests attractants which can compromise the overall condition of your yard and garden. By eliminating everything that can attract pests, you’ll save even more money in the long run.

3. How to Cut Down Lawn Maintenance Budget
One of the easiest tip on cutting down the budget for your lawn care needs, is having a good plan from the start. Have you ever considered reducing the size of your lawn? Landscape and lawn maintenance West Chester, OH experts advise you to create beds of flowers that do not require much care and water during the warm season. While there are, indeed, initial higher costs at the beginning, you will save a lot more on maintenance during the year.

4. Efficient Watering
As Lebanon, OH property owners already know, taller plants and grasses require less water. Let your plants grow up to three inches so you will have to water them less during summer. There’s nothing better than saving time and money and having an eco-friendly attitude at the same time.

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