We have talked about “spring fever” before, but this time, we won’t address the issues of early-starting your regular lawn care and landscaping activities. Instead, we will tackle the delicate problem of lawn watering. Water may not be a scarce resource in your area, but recent studies showed that single-family households spend high amounts of money on water bills and consume large amounts of water on gardening and lawn care. In the broader context of resources preservation and money saving tips and tricks, our lawn care West Chester, OH experts assembled a short, useful guide on how to save some water and some money while keeping your lawn and landscape sparkling green and thriving even during the blazing summer months.

1. Correct Mowing Leads to Less Water Consumption

The general rule is that you should always mow your turf according to its recommended mowing height. The science behind this lawn care principle is that if you cut the grass too low or too often you expose it to sun rays – which eventually dry and burn it. If you don’t know how low or often you should mow your turf, ask you local lawn care West Chester, OH company to take this burden off your shoulders.

2. Change Direction!

If you mow the lawn in the same direction and pattern over and over again, you stress it and allow divots to take shape while harming the grass and the soil. Try changing directions once in a while and make sure you don’t damage the grass from repeated wheel tracks. Have some fun and change the pattern to ensure your grass stays safer and stronger – meaning it will need less watering.

3. Follow the Watering Rules

If you just can’t wait to give your lawn a strong shower, have some patience and talk to your local lawn care West Chester, OH experts. No two lawns are alike, and you should water yours depending on the soil, the grasses, and its specifics. The general rules say you shouldn’t water the lawn between 12 pm and 6 pm (it will dry fast and need even more water) nor during the evening or the night (you expose it to fungal infestations). You should water the lawn very early in the morning and always in full knowledge of its real watering needs.

4. Fix Your Sprinklers

If you have a landscape irrigation system installed, things should be easy: all you need is a smart sensor tell your system to pour the correct amount of water at the right times, thus keep your lawn healthy and thriving without wasting resources. Also, have your local lawn care West Chester, OH team look for sprinklers’ damages and leaking pipes. Such issues may lead to over-watering problems and skyrocketing water bills.

5. Add a Layer of Mulch

Mulch keeps the soil moist while keeping off pests and disease far from your vegetation. A clean layer of mulch lowers the lawn watering needs and keeps the landscape safe even under the scorching sun rays. Ask your lawn care West Chester, OH team to install mulch in the proper areas and help you manage it correctly.