As more and more homeowners take the sustainability route to lawn care and landscaping, it is only natural to consider alternative solutions to fertilization and amendment, weed control, and organic soil conditioners. Today, our experts in lawn treatments in Mason, OH, are here to share with you some tips on using charcoal. Are you intrigued? Read on!

Soil Conditioner

Speaking of lawn treatments and soil conditioning, charcoal has a high potassium content, and it is very cheap. You can even make it in the house. According to our experts in lawn fertilization in Mason, OH, charcoal makes a great substitute for lime in soil additive mixes. You can also use it to bed weed killers and insecticides, as it works great in combination with mulch, balancing the soil’s pH.

Soil Additive

Most store-bought soil mixes include charcoal, and for the right reasons. Charcoal absorbs the bad smell of manure or compost without affecting the nutritional integrity of the mixture. Experts say you can add a couple of charcoal pellets to your potting mix if the smell becomes overpowering.

Herbicide Neutralizer

If you use weed killers constantly, the herbicides will linger in the soil for years, even if you have already got rid of the target weeds. As a result, herbicides pollute the soil to some extent and jeopardize the health of your future plants.

Our lawn fertilization company in Mason, OH, recommends adding hardwood charcoal to the soil before planting grasses, flowers, or shrubs in an area previously treated with chemical herbicides.

Pesticide Cleaner

We all know activated charcoal has immense absorption qualities; this is why people also use it medicinally. For example, if you had to use pesticides in your yard, add one pound of charcoal in a gallon of water and wet the soil to remove pesticide accumulation on an area of up to 150 square feet. However, our experts in lawn treatments in Mason, OH, warn you that charcoal works only to clean organic pesticides, not synthetic ones.

Charcoal Mulch

Using black charcoal instead of brown material in your organic mulches is just as effective. The charcoal creates a shielding cover over the soil’s surface while preventing moisture from escaping. In other words, it is also an excellent choice in natural weed control. Moreover, a layer of charcoal used as mulch around light-colored plants has an incredible aesthetic value due to the contrast and sophistication of such a combination.

If you need help with lawn fertilization and weed control on your property, ask our lawn treatments company in Mason, OH, for advice and help.