Regardless of where you live, you will have to face the snow and rock salt. When the city trucks come down your street and cover your lawn with salt while de-icing your driveway, you know you will have a lot of trouble to deal with come spring. Today, our experts in lawn care in Liberty Township, OH, are here to discuss protection methods against salt damage.

Protect the Lawn and Plants Growing Near the Street

In the harsh winter, the city’s priority is to clear up the road. Rock salt and other de-icing materials erode the asphalt, concrete or blacktop and infiltrate deep into the soil, causing damage. Therefore, if you have flowerbeds, shrubs, or flowers growing on the street front, you should consider protecting them.

  • Create a barrier using burlap sheets to allow as little salt as possible to reach the soil and the plants’ roots.

If you considered building a barrier out of plastic sheets, our lawn care Liberty Township OH experts warn that it is not a good idea. The problem with plastic is that it might create mini-greenhouses that will disrupt the growing cycle of your plants.

  • Snow fencing is another good idea if you have the time and energy to install it.

As an alternative – but again, if you have the energy, time, and money – you can build natural barriers with the help of bricks and rocks. The visual effect may not be pleasant, but you will keep as much salt as possible away from the turf and plant roots.

Tips to Prevent Salt Damage on Your Lawn

If you consider de-icing yourself the slippery porch, pathways, or driveway, here are some tips you should follow:

  • Replace salt with other materials. They won’t melt the ice/snow but will create adherence. Kitty litter, sand, wood chips, and small pebbles are good options.
  • Keep the snow in check. Shovel away freshly fallen snow before it freezes. Thus, you will lower the amount of de-icing materials required to keep your driving/walking ways safe and clean.
  • Avoid shoveling the snow in compact piles to avoid the accumulation of salt in only one place.

Talk to our lawn care experts in Liberty Township, OH, about de-icing materials that are lawn and landscape friendly. They know your soil and plants the best, and can help you make the best decisions!