In a time of (almost) global self-isolation and social distancing, homeowners with yards and gardens are the luckiest. You can keep your distance from people while you enjoy spring in your back yard and have your local lawn care company turn your outdoor space into a veritable patch of paradise. Today, our lawn care experts in West Chester OH are here to tell you how to tend to your lawn and landscape this period!

Mid-Spring Activities Your Lawn Needs

As we said, if you have a lawn to care for this time of year, you are among the lucky ones, as your grasses and shrubs need your utmost care and attention no matter what happens in the world. So here are some activities our experts in lawn care West Chester OH can implement during this time of year.

  • Our lawn care West Chester OH experts will inspect your yard and garden and look for winter damages on tree barks, shrubs/ornamentals branches, lawn, patio, etc. They will note everything down and intervene where it is the case;
  • Now is the best time to dethatch the garden and aerate the soil; late spring to early summer is the perfect period to aerate warm-season grasses;
  • In case the yard and lawn need repairs, our lawn care experts in West Chester OH will recommend spot treatments of the turf, with balanced mixes of fertilizers;
  • Moreover, post-emergent weed control and apply pre-emergent herbicide to inhibit crabgrass growth;
  • If the weather allows and your lawn is ready for spring, lawn mowing and edging are mandatory; your local team of experts in lawn care in West Chester OH will adjust the mowing height to the type and varieties of the grasses you grow;
  • If you want to spend some time outside, take the opportunity to clean and repair the patio, the deck, kiosk, garden benches, and so on;
  • Your lawn may be soggy still, so limit traffic during this time. When it comes to irrigation, let your lawn care West Chester OH technicians plan the next lawn watering session!

3. Stay Safe at All Times

Discuss with your lawn care West Chester OH service providers about the scheduling of future lawn and landscape maintenance jobs. If you are only shopping for a lawn care company, ask for a free estimate! Our lawn care experts will make sure you receive all the necessary details to start a new project on your lawn and landscape on the right foot.