Getting your lawn to look impeccably manicured, completely healthy and lush is a major investment. It takes time to see such a project to completion, from the very first assessment to the point where the turf looks as verdant as it did in your dreams. How will you know that you’ve achieved your goal of owning the lawn you’ve always hoped you would? That’s a simple question! Your neighbors will start complimenting you for the way your yard looks. Your family and friends will notice and commend you for all the hard work you’ve been putting in.

Yet, sometimes, no matter how much diligence and effort you invest into taking care of the lawn yourself, the project turns out too big or complex for you to handle. That’s when it’s time to call in the lawn maintenance professionals. There’s no shame in asking for help, especially not when such a major part of your property is at stake. Here are some of the most frequently encountered situations in which you need to call in a lawn care company.

  1. When there are chemicals involved
  2. In order to achieve that perfect look for your lawn, the use of chemical substances such as herbicides, fungicides, pesticides, or fertilizers is sometimes mandatory. We strongly advise you to leave this job up to the pros. That’s because such substances can be toxic and damaging for the health of your family and pets. Moreover, it’s not a wise idea to store such chemicals inside your home, since you never know when they might fall into the wrong hands. Finally, such substances are usually expensive, which makes it unwise to waste money by handling them the wrong way.

  3. When you simply can’t spare the time
  4. As we all know, sometimes life becomes complex. Personal and professional issues tend to clutter it up and take a lot of time to handle. When you feel like you have too much on your plate to consider chores like lawn care, the solution is not to let the turf become damaged, diseased, or pest infested. Simply enlist the aid of the best lawn care company in your area – at least until you can free up some spare time to pick up all the work yourself.

  5. When your health is at stake
  6. Feeling exhausted all the time? Got some pressing medical issue that your doctor has ordered you to attend to urgently? Then there’s no point in risking aggravating your situation by handling strenuous work such as lawn care. Pick up the phone, call the lawn care guys and focus on recovering your health in the meantime.

  7. When the job requires professional expertise

Yes, you can mow and water your own lawn. These chores don’t require specialized expertise or complex tools. However, when it comes to fertilization, soil aeration, or de-thatching, you are probably better off calling the lawn maintenance experts.