The primary issue that can ruin your lawn and garden in the summer are the weeds threatening to fight with your grasses and plants for resources. Today, our experts in lawn care in Mason OH are here to offer you a few tips on how to manage weeds during the hot season so you can enjoy your yard with no threats.

1. Do Not Encourage Weeds to Take Over

Your lawn care experts in Mason OH and their colleagues in the lawn treatments department probably already applied pre-emergent weed control substances. However, many weeds lie dormant during the summer, waiting for the proper moment to erupt. Here are some tips to avoid the accidental germination of the dormant enemies:

  • Avoid all cultivation activities unless you enlist the help of your local lawn care specialists in Mason OH;
  • Digging holes, transplanting ornamentals, improving your landscape design, aeration, etc. are all activities that could encourage weed germination even if in the warm summer months;
  • Make sure you take note of all your gardening activities and discuss with your local lawn care pros in Mason OH and your lawn treatments experts to implement weed control programs as soon as new weeds emerge.

2. Do Not Bring the Weeds Home Yourself

You may not know this, but you can – and most people do unwillingly – bring home plenty of weed seeds every time you purchase a potted plant. You can also host weed seeds by buying and spreading potting soil or soil enhancements to your lawn or flowering beds. The primary carriers of weed seeds from one place to another on your property are birds, pets, insects, etc. Since you cannot control the weed seeds’ natural traffic, you can make sure you don’t make things worse with nursery plants, bags of fresh soil, lawn amendments, etc.

Make sure you discuss matters with your local lawn care service providers in Mason OH so you learn how to choose potted plants that don’t present the risk of carrying weed seeds that are about to germinate.

3. Use Mulch as Defense against Weeds

Our lawn care specialists in Mason OH recommend you use hard mulches to act as a natural, more direct barrier to keep weeds at bay. Hard mulches have little fertilization properties but can preserve your flowerbeds and lawn turfs and borders at a safe distance from germinating summer weeds.

If you want professional help with lawn care in Mason OH, feel free to contact our experts for a free estimate!