It is that time of the year again! Our landscaping experts in West Chester, OH, want to tell you about the latest trends in lawn care, landscaping, and outdoor design. You probably had seen many of such trends around you last year, and some may be new to you. Whether you decide to revamp your property to such trends or maintain it as it is, our landscaping company in West Chester, OH, will be there by your side. So are you curious about what is new in landscaping in 2021? Let’s see what our landscapers in West Chester, OH, have found!

1. Introducing Native Plants in Your Landscape

This recurrent trend takes even more wings with each passing year. As we know, native plants need less water, care, fertilization, pest control, and overall maintenance to thrive. They make a landscape look more natural and less pretentious. Native landscapes need care, so you can always count on our landscaping company in West Chester, OH, to help you with planting, pruning, trimming, and other activities.

2. Outdoor Leisure Areas

Cutting down the lawn size to make room for functional outdoor areas is nothing new. However, the trend is here to stay. You could introduce outdoor living rooms to entertain guests, play areas for kids, patios, and decks, secluded places to relax without your neighbors’ prying eyes, and more. For all such landscape revamps and much more, you can always count on our experts in landscaping in West Chester, OH!

3. Smart Irrigation Technology

We said it before, water is a precious resource, and we use it to maintain residential properties. Our luck is that technology made its way into lawn care and landscaping as well. One of the most important landscaping trends of 2021 is the installation of smart irrigation systems. We are talking about subsurface irrigation with smart controllers. On the other hand, tech advancements also give us a smart landscape irrigation system capable of monitoring plant water use, soil conditions, weather, evaporation, etc. In case you need our help with smart sprinkler systems and landscape irrigation maintenance, you can count on our specialists in landscaping in West Chester, OH!

Get the Best Landscaping in West Chester, OH!

Are these trends sparking an interest in property upgrades this year? Call our landscaping service provider in West Chester, OH, and talk to our experts about what you have in mind. We are confident we can find and implement the best solutions for your outdoor space this year!