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Let’s Talk about Pre-Emergent Weed Control and Lawn Treatments in Liberty Township, OH!

If you think the end of summer means the end of landscape and lawn care, you cannot be more wrong. The distance between the hot summer and the cool fall temperatures is critical. Therefore, it is the best time to prepare your property for both winter and the following spring. Applying a fall pre-emergent treatment is one of the best and most necessary steps you can take to ensure you will enjoy a healthy lawn next season. Today, our experts in lawn treatments in Liberty Township, OH, are here to share some tips with you!

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Early Fall Landscaping in Mason OH: Top Things to Know

While the weather remains warm and you experience nice temperatures in fall, you should consider engaging in some early autumn yard and landscape preparations. Our landscaping company in Mason, OH, is right here these days to suggest a few recommendations and hints on how you may put together your September gardening and landscaping schedule. Do this to experience an excellent yard revival next spring. We will discuss a few details that you surely know. First, however, a quick reminder on early fall yard preparation does not hurt.

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What to Do with Fallen Leaves: Lawn Treatments in West Chester OH Share Their Tips

When leaves fall in the cold season, many homeowners rush in with their blowers and bags to get rid of them. However, our lawn treatment experts in West Chester, OH, have some recommendations for you regarding the use of dry leaves. After all, they make free organic material you can use for various purposes. As you have probably figured out already, our specialists in mulch installation in West Chester, OH, have a lot to say on the subject. So, let’s see some gardening tips and tricks involving fallen leaves this year!

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Plants to Consider for Privacy: Landscaping Liberty Township OH Pros Share Their Tips

Homeowners who have hedges to border their properties but want even more privacy could and should consider privacy plants. With their thick foliage and tall heights, privacy plants offer more than a shield between you and prying eyes, but also shadow, coolness, oxygen, and color. Today, our landscape experts in Liberty Township, OH, are here to talk about privacy plants. Our hedge & shrub trimming service providers in Liberty Township, OH, will also discuss a few things about these plants’ maintenance.

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What are Invasive Plants? Lawn Treatments Mason OH Experts Have the Answer

While many homeowners consider invasive plants to be weeds they need to remove from their properties, there are subtle differences between the two categories. For example, some invasive plants are quite beautiful and beneficial as they attract pollinators. However, both generic weeds and invasive plants need you to keep an eye on them at all times. Fertilization, weed control, and seasonal lawn care programs are among your best bets against invasive plant species. Today, our experts in lawn treatments in Mason, OH, are here to discuss some things you might not know but need to consider.

What are Invasive Plants?

By definition, invasive plants are alien species showing a strong tendency to spread out of control. Landscapers use the label “invasive” for plants those plants introduced in your area from other regions. The key trait of an invasive plant is that it is not indigenous to the area you live in. Invasive plants spread like wildfire in their new habitats, outrunning the local flora and ecosystems in their fight for resources and territory. According to our lawn fertilization and weed control company in Mason, OH, you have to distinguish between aggressive plants (indigenous to your area) and invasive ones (are not native).

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Why Do You Want Landscaping in West Chester, OH with Trees?

Trees are among the easiest, spectacular, and most sustainable elements making any landscape more vibrant, interesting and welcoming. Planting the right tree in the right place on your property ensures that your new addition to the landscape will live a healthy life for as long as you maintain it. The most successful designs with and around trees are those that you plan carefully with your experts in landscaping in West Chester, OH, taking climate and environmental factors into consideration, along with the other elements already present on your property. So let’s see today some tips and tricks to perform exquisite landscaping with trees!

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What Are Noxious Weeds? Experts in Lawn Treatments in Liberty Township OH Explain

In summer, one of the best problems homeowners have is annual or perennial weeds. These uninvited guests threaten your gorgeous lawns and gardens, giving you a lot of trouble, and our experts in lawn treatments in Liberty Township, OH, a lot of work. Most of the time, the common weeds that populate your lawn and landscape are easy to control with the help of our technicians’ well-crafted weed control and fertilization programs. However, sometimes, it happens that noxious weeds travel with you back home and infest your property. But what are noxious weeds, and why are they a danger in most cases?

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3 Ideas for Rock Landscaping in Liberty Township, OH

If you are in the mood for a landscape redesign this year, our experts in landscaping in Liberty Township, OH, have the perfect idea for you: rocks! And they don’t mean just rocks, but boulders, gravel, pebbles, pavers, and everything else you can imagine. Adding rocks to a yard makes the entire ensemble gain a unique, fresh, rustic look. Moreover, well-placed rocks enhance the green elements on your property, cut down watering and maintenance costs, and make any yard look like the epitome of landscape architecture.

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Our Lawn Treatments Liberty Township OH Experts Talk about Killing Dandelions

Dandelions are kids’ favorites as they enjoy seeing the elusive seeds taking flight with a single blow. On the other hand, the same weeds are homeowners’ nightmare, as a single plant can produce about 10,000 seeds. Blink twice, and your lawn is full of them, so much so that fertilization and weed control might become useless, and you need to kill the entire lawn to get rid of them. If you are new to landscaping, you need to know that you cannot ignore dandelions. Our experts in lawn treatments in Liberty Township, OH, are here today to answer some of the most important questions regarding dandelions’ control.

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3 Tips to Treat a Water Clogged Lawn According to Lawn Care Mason OH Experts

In spring and early summer, water-clogged lawns are nothing surprising. After prolonged periods of rain, the water sits on the lawn, forming puddles or turning the soil squishy to walk on or downright muddy. Poor drainage is usually the underlying cause of water clogging, although homeowners deal with such problems when their lawns have heavy clay spots. Flat terrains or heavy foot traffic are also contributing factors to this issue. Luckily, water-clogged lawns are treatable. Our experts in lawn care in Mason, OH, are here to offer you some tips and suggestions to solve this problem without causing irreversible damages to your property.

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