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Organic Fertilizer vs. Synthetic One: Experts in Lawn Treatments Mason OH Share their Tips

Choosing the best fertilizer for your lawn and landscape this spring is crucial to provide it with the best care it needs. Organic fertilizers vs. synthetic ones is a battle for the ages, especially since both yield the same results (lush, healthy, safe lawns). Our lawn treatments experts in Mason, OH, are here to share their tips on each type of lawn fertilizer, emphasizing on their pros and cons.

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How to Tend to Your Lawn and Garden in Mid-Spring? Our Lawn Care West Chester OH Experts Answer

In a time of (almost) global self-isolation and social distancing, homeowners with yards and gardens are the luckiest. You can keep your distance from people while you enjoy spring in your back yard and have your local lawn care company turn your outdoor space into a veritable patch of paradise. Today, our lawn care experts in West Chester OH are here to tell you how to tend to your lawn and landscape this period!

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Experts in Landscaping in West Chester OH Discuss Soft Water in Gardening

In many areas of the country, people deal with hard water every day. Water softeners, although banned or restricted in some states and communities, are still the conventional method to soften water. However, since these devices produce softened water for the entire household, many water their lawns and landscapes with it. Soft water contains a lot of salt. Is it dangerous for your garden? Our landscaping specialists in West Chester, OH, are here to discuss such matters today.

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The Unseen Winter Threat: Lawn care Mason OH Experts Discuss Overwintering Pests

Winter is not the most active season for plants, so one might think lawn maintenance is not entirely necessary these days. Nevertheless, your yard and garden can be the scene of some underground operations that usually lead to spring damages. Today, our experts in lawn care in Mason OH are here to discuss some overwintering pests that lurk in the shadows and harm your grasses, shrubs, and even trees.

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Dog Pee Ruining Your Lawn? Our Experts in Lawn Care in Liberty Township OH Have the Fix

Dog urine can wreak havoc on a freshly manicured lawn as many pet owners can confirm. You might notice patches of dead grass pop up after several of your furry friend’s bathroom visits. Brown spots caused by dog urine are both unsightly and very unhealthy for your lawn. Our experts in lawn care in Liberty Township, OH, have agreed to share with us some of their tips for getting rid of the problem for good.

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Summer Rose Care Tips from Our Pros in Lawn Care in West Chester OH

Keeping those rose bushes in top shape throughout the (hot) summer months is no easy feat, but with a handful of maintenance tips from our pros in lawn care in West Chester OH, it is doable. You’ll need to pay special attention to the watering schedule, maintenance work, and disease prevention. With these in mind, caring for roses in the summer is not much more difficult than caring for any other type of flowering shrub. So, let’s get started.

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