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Spring Lawn Care Lebanon, OH Dos and Don’ts Guide

The first signs of spring are here and every homeowner with a green thumb is anxious to get out there and begin spring lawn care preparations and gardening activities. You may already know what flowers you want to plant next, what new elements of masonry you want to add, what to fix and how to get the lawn ready for summer. This is usually known as “spring fever” and sometimes, many residents get ahead of nature and begin spring activities without taking note of some very important rules. Today, lawn care Lebanon, OH specialists offer you a short guide on do’s and don’ts so you can avoid making mistakes because you weren’t patient enough and you wanted everything done today.

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Lawn Care Maineville, OH Experts on Scented Herbs: Fend Off Mosquitoes and Spice Up Your Life!

No matter where you leave, mosquitoes are probably giving you a lot of trouble, especially if you host a lush lawn and garden on your property. If you happen to also have a decorative pond or a water fountain, then these unwanted and pesky fliers will feel more than welcomed on your turf. We have gathered today some of our best lawn care Maineville, OH experts and their landscaping Lebanon, OH colleagues to tell us about natural mosquito control with the help of scented herbs and flowers. Such approach is environmentally friendly and comes with added benefits: the following herbs make great additions to your kitchen as well! » Read More

5 Landscaping Maineville, OH Child-Friendly Designs and Upgrades

Residents in Maineville love their turf, flowers, hardscape and functional outdoor spaces and love to keep them in their best shape with the help of our lawn care Maineville OH experts. But what about the kids? Don’t they need their own personal playgrounds and happy places on the property? Of course they do and parents are always looking for new landscaping Maineville, OH design ideas to keep the little ones happy. The traditional tree house is a good addition, but today our landscaping Maineville, OH colleagues want to present you with 5 more fun and interesting ideas, all dedicated to kids. » Read More

What Happens After Overseeding? Lawn Care Mason, OH Specialists Share Their Knowledge

Aeration and overseeding are seasonal activities meant to boost the health and the looks of your lawn and garden. Overseeding helps you restore the lawn, cover dry or barren spots and help the property turn into a green, lush and thriving rug of grass. Our lawn care Mason, OH experts know that many homeowners are more than willing to plant new turf seeds when the time comes.

However, what many homeowners don’t know is that overseeding comes together with a set of rules to be implemented afterwards. Our landscaping Lebanon, OH colleagues noticed that residents don’t know exactly what to do and how to further care for their lawns and gardens after overseeding. So this is what you need to do:
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How Are Your Trees Doing? Lawn Care Loveland, OH Experts’ Short Guide on Diagnostics

While trees are indeed resilient to weather conditions, extreme climacteric phenomena, disease, pests or weeds, they are not indestructible. Lawn care Loveland, OH specialists found, however, that many homeowners have issues in correctly diagnosing tree problems. Responsible lawn care and landscaping should also involve regular tree inspections and maintenance.

Beyond the customary pruning and trimming activities, watering, winter protection, and fertilization, trees also need frequent check-ups. A diseased tree is hard to restore back to health and it is always better to prevent than to treat. This is why our landscaping Liberty Township, OH experts joined their colleagues and are here to present you with a short guide on tree diagnostics.
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6 Common Winter Landscape Maintenance Mason, OH Mistakes to Avoid Making This Season

While winter is considered beneficial to the lawn and garden, extreme weather conditions are certainly the worst enemies of the soil, seeds, roots, trees’ barks and grasses. Blizzards, frost, heavy snow, winds and chill rain will negatively affect everything around the house, from the strongest seed to the oldest tree. If you lived the nightmare of having a poor-looking, unhealthy and barren lawn after a long winter before, you probably made some of the most common winter mistakes homeowners usually make. It’s not too late to fix some things, so let’s see six of these landscape maintenance mistakes most people do. We gathered some of the most reputed lawn care Mason, OH pros to lend some of their expertise.
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4 Plants Landscaping Loveland, OH Specialists Recommend for Your Garden

Taking in account the specific climacteric conditions in Loveland, OH, one can wonder about the best plants, trees and flowers to add to their garden and landscape for an outstanding visual effect. New homeowners buying properties in the area are very much interested in landscaping designs which are both resilient to the local weather conditions and beautiful enough to turn the properties in magazine-cover works of art. We met with a few landscaping Loveland, OH experts and talked about some of the most common, yet most resilient and gorgeous plants (requiring low-cost maintenance) you might want to include in your new landscape design.
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Lawn Care Maineville, OH Tips: 5 Organic Home-Made Fertilizers for Healthier Gardens

An efficient fertilization plan offered by your local lawn care Maineville, OH specialists has no rival. However, experts also know that the overuse of store-bought fertilizers can be detrimental to your soil and plants on the long term. The use of organic, home-made fertilizers is also environmentally friendly. The eco-gardening trends are becoming more and more popular every day and even specialized lawn care companies advise homeowners to alternate chemical fertilizers with organic ones, to lower the environmental stress.
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3 Affordable New Property Landscaping Loveland, OH Principles and Tips

We emphasized on the importance of having a well-manicured lawn and landscape when you want to increase your property’s curb appeal more than once. Not long ago we had a chat with realtors and lawn care Liberty Township, OH specialists, and we found that new homebuyers are more willing to sign the purchase papers if the building comes together with a lush and thriving lawn. But what happens if you really want to buy a house to live there forever-after and the landscape is not THAT appealing? If you fancy the price, love the neighborhood, and you decided on that property, you might as well buy it together with its unattractive lawn. Why? Because we have landscaping Loveland, OH specialists today talking about affordable landscape redesigning principles you might want to implement.
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How to Build a Functional Garden: Landscaping Mason, OH Ideas for the Local Residents

You have probably heard about functional gardens: the ones that come in between minimalistic designs and wild-nature designs. These are the gardens you want to be in all year long, no matter the season, while they are also useful. Functional gardens have a sustainability ring to them, as they give us something back (and more than a few hours of relaxation in the summer). Today, landscaping Mason, OH pros decided to give us a few ideas on how one can achieve a functional garden, respecting its aesthetics and making it even more livable and productive.
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