Reliable Lawn Care, Indian Hill OH

Lawn Care Indian Hill OHIt’s not easy to find a reliable lawn care service anywhere these days, not only in this local side of Ohio. It seems that as lawn care companies keep popping up like weeds after the rain, the quality of their service just dwindles as their number grows. Your mailboxes are probably full of printed ads with empty promises and shady sales techniques which promise everything you could wish (the world on a platter, even) at a crazy discount. But if you tried working with lawn care companies, then you also probably had a disappointment or two, just like most home owners around the area. This is why reliability is actually not that easy to come by. When it comes to proper lawn care, Indian Hill OH residents have often felt that the only solution is to take matters into their own hands and be done with it.

Unfortunately, this last resort kind of option isn’t really an option either, since most home owners don’t have the time, the skills and the Satisfaction Guaranteeknowledge, or the physical prowess often required to properly take care of their lawns at a professional standard. Add to that the fact that they also have no reason to invest in expensive tools and machines since they only do this for their own yard, and you will now realize why taking care of your own lawn doesn’t usually work out too well. This is why you need a reliable lawn care Indian Hill OH company that can do everything required for your lawn and landscape, and at the same time treat them with same kind of respect and love as if they were dealing with their own property.

If you agree with us so far, then look no further, because we are exactly what we need. Degree Lawn and Landscape was founded in 1991 and has done nothing but to build a solid reputation in the local community ever since. We are registered, certified and insured with the state of Ohio to perform both basic and advanced levels of lawn care and landscape operations, in order to fulfill the wishes and needs of our clients flawlessly.

The Services We Offer

Our basic lawn care services:

  • Professional lawn mowing service on a pre-agreed schedule;
  • A customized fertilization and weed control program according to personal preferences;
  • Spring and fall clean-ups;
  • Turf core aeration and treatments;
  • Turf renovation and seeding, when necessary;

Our basic landscaping services:

  • Personalized landscape design and installation (the client’s needs and wishes always come first);
  • Ornamental shrub and tree care program;
  • Ornamental tree and shrub removal and replacement, should the client wish it;
  • Emerald ash borer prevention and treatment program;
  • Ornamental tree and shrub pruning;
  • Premium hardwood mulch installation;
  • Annual floral displays (spring, summer and fall color rotations) for your yard to look stunning;
  • Commercial snow and ice management etc.

As you can see, you can find anything you could wish for your lawn and landscape here. We offer a 100% Iron Clad guarantee so that you don’t risk anything if you give us chance, so don’t hesitate and just give us a call today!