Exceptional Lawn Care in Loveland Ohio

Are you tired of looking for a decent lawn care Loveland OH service provider? Then look no further because we’re the perfect candidate for those of you haven’t found the ideal company to work with yet. And frankly, looking at how this business sector is currently doing in the local scenery, we’re pretty sure that a good service provider is still a bit hard to find around here.

Lawn Care Loveland OHWe at Degree Lawn and Landscape have an experience of over 25 years of providing exceptional lawn care and flawlessly creative landscape services in Loveland OH and the surrounding areas. If you stroll around the block and notice a few yards that look exceptionally beautiful, there’s a high chance that there’s our signature on them. We have grown together with the local community and we’re proud to still be a part of it. So, if you’re looking for a locally owned and operated company that is able to provide the same kind of high-end services as a large metropolis company and for reasonable prices, we’re exactly what you’re looking for.

Satisfaction GuaranteeOur highest guideline or core value, if you wish, is the absolute imperative of treating every lawn as if it was our own, and that’s something we take very seriously ever since we started out in 1991. Along with our 100% Iron Clad “Your Money Back” customer satisfaction guarantee, this kind of makes it impossible not to be pleased with our work, which no other competitor could offer. This is why our clients are the most pleased around town, and also the ones with the most beautiful yards. Here’s a glimpse into the services we offer:


  • Annual Floral Displays (Spring, Summer & Fall color rotation);
  • Premium hardwood mulch installation and maintenance;
  • Ornamental Tree and Shrub Pruning;
  • Landscape Design and Installation, after extensive talks with the client;
  • Ornamental Tree & Shrub Removal & Replacement;
  • Ornamental Shrub &Tree Care Program;
  • Emerald Ash Borer Prevention & Treatment Program;
  • Commercial snow and ice management operations, if you wish for it, etc.

Lawn Care:

  • Spring and fall clean-ups to get the lawn ready for what follows;
  • Turf core aeration, when things start growing slower or when seasons change;
  • Turf renovation and over-seeding, along with the rest of the soil works;
  • A customized fertilization and weed control program for everyone;
  • Professional lawn mowing service, of course, and so on.

All of the tasks above are performed by a team motivated to maintain the highest professional standards. Our crew members are all clad in appropriate company uniforms, are always perfectly polite and respectful and they operate the equipment and substances required for the job at the highest safety standards imposed in the field. The landscape you have envisioned will materialize in your yard, and as for lawn care, Loveland OH could really ask for nothing better than our rotation of services. Give us a call today and let’s set up your initial meeting with Degree Lawn & Landscape LLC. We will offer you free estimates, free quotes and extensive samples of our previous work, so we can settle the best course of action for your property together. You will never need another service provider once we start our work!