Perennial vegetation is a valuable asset on any property, as it represents the very foundation of a timeless colored and scented landscape. Perennial flowers and plants however, do fade and dry throughout the warm season, but this doesn’t mean you cannot do something about it. Do you want your perennials to blossom again once past the point of fading? Do you want to reboot them and have your landscape boast in color, foliage and inflorescence? Then let’s hear out our lawn care Maineville, OH experts! They have a short guide on how to “convince” your perennials to flower once more.

1. Frequent Cutting Helps Jump-Starting the Plants

There are some flowery and scented plants you can reboot once they faded away and enjoy their blossoms again. For instance, you can cut the dry flowers of roses and jasmine once they dried completely. Keep in mind to cut the flowery branches of such plants as close to their base as possible. This trick refreshes the entire plant or flowery shrub, giving your plants a chance to rebirth again during the hot season. However, don’t cut the flowers or the branches too soon as you will harm the plant and subdue it to enormous stress. You can cut only after all the flowers dried and fell. You can apply this trick to many of your multi-flowered branches in shrubs or hedges.

2. Degree Cutting Allows for a Permanent Flowery Garden

Our lawn care Maineville, OH experts, together with their landscaping Loveland, OH colleagues recommend you cut the flowers and plants in various degrees in order to maintain a permanently flowery garden. Cut the flowers and plants in the back and center radically, to help them re-blossom gradually. Then you can cut the flowers in the front once they faded away. This is a method usually employed by seasoned gardeners. If you are not convinced you can achieve the best results, ask for assistance from your local lawn care Maineville, OH team.

3. Shortening Vines and Climbing Plants Pushes them into Flowering Again

A terrific landscape should always sport some vines and some climbing plants. They can be that exact last touch a property needs to look like the cover of a specialized home and garden magazine. Vines and climbing plants offer scent, color, contrast and depth to a landscape. They can also cover an arch, hide a bare wall, and decorate a fence or a privacy screen. But usually, vines and flowery climbing plants blossom in early summer only to fade away during the season. If you want to reboot them and enjoy their benefits for a few months more, you should shorten and cut the flowerless sprouts close to their base. You can only do so after the first flowers faded away and died. This method allows the vines and climbing plants to start a new blossom cycle.

If you are new to gardening or just mastering a few basic skills, don’t worry: you can always ask your local lawn care Maineville, OH experts to help you achieve a long lasting flowery garden and landscape with little efforts and investments.