Lawn Care Services

Landscaping ServiceDegree Lawn & Landscape provides professional grass mowing/cutting Services that leaves your lawn looking at its best. Our skilled operators are outfitted with superior equipment that is guaranteed to provide a meticulous cut every time. Our equipment technicians ensure that any piece of equipment that leaves our shop to do a job is performing at the highest level. Degree Lawn & Landscape incorporates a fleet turnover program into our business. The fleet program means that we are constantly turning in old equipment and obtaining brand new equipment. The fleet program allows us to stay up to date with the newest technology and keeps our equipment performing at all times. Our mowing technicians are thoroughly trained on the equipment they use and have daily equipment checklists as another safeguard against any malfunction.

We implement a weekly mowing, trimming, and cleaning schedule that allows Trebbian Landscape Projectflexibility due to the customer’s needs, the environmental conditions, and turf health. It is important to remember that grass does not like to be mowed, it just tolerates the stress. As a matter of fact, grass is the best equipped plant on the earth to tolerate continuous defoliation. Grass mowing is stressful on its own, but the environment is just as stressful. It is our duty to balance the mechanical issues and environmental stresses to keep your lawn healthy and beautiful at all times. Established mowing frequency is very important. The general rule for grass mowing is that no more than 30% of the leaf blade should ever be removed. Removing more than 30% of the leaf blade sends the plant into shock, leaves an unacceptable appearance, and produces excess clippings that inhibit proper photosynthesis and increases disease and insect pressure. Grass clippings are actually very beneficial for your lawn if they are produced in the proper range. Grass clippings left on the lawn when done properly produce approximately 2 pounds of organic nitrogen per thousand square feet! Removing less than 30% of the leaf blade in the prime growing season simply increases the frequency of mowing and inhibits lateral growth for turf stand density.

We Monitor the Environmental Condition of Your Lawn

Environmental stresses on your grass are out of our control. These stresses include drought, water saturation via excessive rainfall, extreme temperatures, and even pollution. It is our job at Degree Lawn & Landscape to monitor the environmental conditions at all times and adjust our practices accordingly. Practices such as raising mowing heights or deferring your scheduled mow to another time when environmental conditions are favorable are the key to a healthy and aesthetically pleasing lawn.

Degree Lawn & Landscape provides professional mowing service that is superior to all others. Our fine tuned equipment and highly trained technicians separate us from the rest. Our mowing fleet implements the best mechanical practices possible to ensure that you are getting more than what you pay for. Proper height of cut, switching mowing patterns, and meticulous detail on cleanup will leave your lawn looking its best all season long!

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