With spring upon us, fungal diseases are a severe threat to your lawn and garden. If the temperatures warm up over 40 F, the heat alone can kill gray snow mold. But what if the humidity is high and the sun isn’t powerful enough? Today, our lawn treatments experts in Liberty Township OH are here to discuss such matters!

How Do You Recognize Fungal Diseases on Your Lawn?

Our lawn fertilizer service technicians in Liberty Township OH say that the brown patch fungus attacks mostly St. Augustine, Bermuda, and Zoysia turfs. As its name implies, the brown patch generates circle-shaped, browned spots on grass blades. While it attacks the turf roots first, the fungus spreads like wildfire if you do not act appropriately.

According to our lawn treatments Liberty Township OH experts, you can encounter another type of fungus rendering your grasses yellow with dark rot roots. The issue with fungal diseases is that you can spread them yourself by crossing the lawn, using the wheelbarrow, lawnmower, and so on. Pets and children can also carry the spores from one part of the yard to another when playing outside. The sooner you identify the problem, the better can our lawn treatments specialists help you.

What Should You Do in the Case of Fungal Diseases?

One of the first steps you must make is to call your lawn fertilizer company in Liberty Township, OH. Our experts will identify the type and severity of the fungal disease and apply treatments and containment measures. The presence of fungi in the spring may be a sign your lawn did not get enough nitrogen. Our specialists will correct the nitrogen levels of the soil. They may also apply slow-release organic fertilizers to boost the soil’s balance and the grasses’ health and resilience.

However, excess nitrogen in synthetic fertilizers – while correcting the problem quickly – may interfere with your lawn’s ecosystem. For this reason, we recommend you ask for professional help from our lawn fertilization company in Liberty Township OH and not fertilize the yard yourself.

Prevent Fungal Diseases in the Future

The best way to treat your lawn from fungal diseases is to prevent them from occurring. Here are some spring solutions you can implement:

  • Soil aeration
  • Lawn dethatching
  • Proper watering
  • Mowing the grass at a higher setting
  • Reseeding if necessary

Your lawn treatments experts in Liberty Township OH can also help you with fungicide applications if the situation requires it. Overall, at the first sign of lawn damage, call the experts and let them evaluate the situation!