Lawn Treatments Fairfield OH

We are sure you are excited about the upcoming warm season, to spend amazing times with your family and friends enjoying your lush lawn and garden. But as you probably know, keeping a yard healthy, beautiful, and thriving requires a lot of work. Why don’t you leave some tasks in the capable hands of professionals this year? Our lawn treatments in Fairfield OH will provide you with a lush and bright green lawn all year long! We want you to find out more about our lawn fertilizer service! Here are the main things to consider!

Our Hassle-Free Lawn Treatments in Fairfield OH Cover the Full Year

Lawn Treatments Fairfield OHResponsible homeowners are aware that pulling weeds in spring and applying some chemicals in summer is by no means enough to preserve the strength of the soil or the health of their lawns. Our lawn treatments in Fairfield OH consists of six different rounds of applications and interventions tailored to deal with specific weed problems.

  • We take a step-by-step approach all year long, offering pre-emergent, post-emergent and spot treatments. Moreover, we only use granular fertilizers with stabilized nitrogen to properly nourish the soil and the grass roots.
  • We also include core aeration in our program to make sure the thatch layer does not prevent air, sun, water, and nutrients to reach the turf roots.

You Benefit from a Tailored Lawn Fertilizer Service

Some lawn fertilizer companies use the same blends and the same recipes to treat all lawns. On the other hand, we customize all our lawn treatments in Fairfield OH so they can tackle specific problems and address the situation at hand.

With decades of expertise in horticulture, we managed to stay ahead of the curb by offering our clients tailored interventions when it came to soil fertilization, crabgrass control, grub, mosquito, flea, and tick yard treatments, landscaping, and so on. In other words, your lawn will benefit from the latest and best methods, substances, and application techniques.

Our Lawn Treatments in Fairfield OH are Ecologically Sensible

Many make the mistake of pouring and spraying shelf-bought fertilizers or herbicides, entertaining thus the risk of damaging their lawns and creating harmful ecological imbalances. Our lawn treatments follow the sustainability rules and have the environment’s best in mind.

In other words, our applications and interventions in lawn weed control services benefit the environment and do not pose threats to beneficial insects, plants, people, or animals.

Three More Reasons Why We are the Best Company for You!

When you plan and budget your lawn and landscape maintenance, you should include a wide range of services. But wouldn’t it be more comfortable for you to have a company covering all your needs while making sure it exceeds your expectations? We are the best company for you if:

  • You want a reliable team of expert horticulturists and landscapists to care for your property all year long. Our integrated services include lawn care, landscaping, maintenance, shrub & tree care, and more.
  • You want affordable and transparent pricing. It should not be a problem, as we are very competitive with our tariffs;
  • You want a trusting service provider that shows up on time follows the schedule and treats your property with the utmost We also carry licenses for all state and local requirements.
  • We provide you with locally grown plants and even mulching services;
  • We are still a family-owned local business that genuinely cares about the community.

Do you want a clearer picture on our lawn treatments in Fairfield OH? We are more than joyful to present you with our services once you give us a call!