Lawn Treatments Lebanon OH

What are lawns and gardens if not amazing places of relaxation and enjoyment together with family and friends? We know clients in Lebanon OH want picture-perfect healthy lawns, while, in turn, they know such goals are hard to achieve in the lack of professionals to take care of things. Our lawn treatments in Lebanon OH ensure the thriving of your lawn, as we boost its health, dark green color, and seasonal resilience all year long. Should you favor our lawn weed control services, here is what you need to know about them!

Reliable Lawn Treatments in Lebanon OH

Lawn Treatments Lebanon OHWhether you want to continue maintaining your gorgeous lawn, start a new one from scratch as you just started caring for your property, or boost the outdoors’ curb appeal for real estate reasons, any impactful and robust plan should begin with a lawn fertilizer service and weed control. Picking our lawn treatments in Lebanon OH means the following:

  • You get an initial assessment of the situation and a soil core aeration treatment if necessary;
  • You benefit from our unique six-rounds year-long treatment program, consisting of pre-emergent, post-emergent, and spot weed treatments, together with herbicide blanket spraying, and other interventions if necessary;
  • You will enjoy a lush lawn with no defects or damages, as we do not apply the same recipe to all properties. On the contrary, we tailor our applications depending on the state and needs of the soil and grasses.
  • Our granular fertilizers with stabilized nitrogen ensure your lawn’s strength, resilience against weeds, insects, diseases, or extreme weather phenomena, dark green color, and sustainable growth next year;
  • You will have nothing to worry about environmentally wise. Our lawn treatments are ecologically mindful and harmless for people, pets, and the micro-ecosystem you host on your property;
  • You are free to consult with our team of experts at any time regarding grub, mosquito, flea, and tick yard treatments, crabgrass control, and other connected protective and enhancing treatments (such as mulching); we offer a wide range of lawn care and landscaping services, and we recommend you study them to convey the best plan for your property;
  • You will be a part of the yearly process every step of the way, as we are one of those lawn fertilizer companies that always listen to their clients, keep their words, and follow their schedules to a tee.

Do You Want more Reasons to work with us?

We have been in the lawn care and landscaping industry for about three decades, and we witnessed all its challenges and breakthroughs. It does not, however, prevent us from being your friendly neighborhood lawn service provider, as we are still family-owned and locally operated. Moreover, if you take a look at our customers’ testimonials, you will discern the main reasons why people (and you) love to work with us:

  1. We are reliable – we take your calls, respect your schedule, show up on time, and treat your lawn with utmost respect;
  2. We maintain very competitive prices;
  3. We work only with the most efficient equipment, technologies, and products to ensure the thriving, sustainability, and beauty of your lawn;
  4. We carry state-issued licenses;
  5. We offer integrated complete lawn care and landscaping services, besides the lawn treatments, provided at the highest standards in the industry.

Check out our lawn treatments in Lebanon OH, together with our other services and get in touch the moment you decide to have a thorough discussion about the beauty and health of your lawn!