Choosing the best fertilizer for your lawn and landscape this spring is crucial to provide it with the best care it needs. Organic fertilizers vs. synthetic ones is a battle for the ages, especially since both yield the same results (lush, healthy, safe lawns). Our lawn treatments experts in Mason, OH, are here to share their tips on each type of lawn fertilizer, emphasizing on their pros and cons.

What You Should Know About Organic Fertilizers

These compounds are “raw” and natural ingredients you can use to treat and boost the soil’s strength and health. However, you should discern between homemade organic fertilizers – like compost, manure, and other similar amendments – and store-bought ones. Our lawn treatment experts in Mason, OH, want you to know the following things about organic fertilizers:

  • They need more work to apply, especially if you haven’t done this by yourself before;
  • They are very expensive;
  • Some of them do not act as fast as you would wish, so you need the patience to see their effects with your own eyes;
  • While they are friendly with the environment, your vegetation, wildlife, and pets, you can still misapply them (in excess), and do your soil and turf more bad than good.

Before you go to your local shop to buy organic fertilizers, ask your local lawn treatment experts in Mason, OH, for their help. The secret to successful, efficient, and safe soil and lawn fertilization is the right mix of nutrients and the proper blending of substances, organic or synthetic.

What You Should Know about Synthetic Fertilizers

The first thing to know about these substances is that if you use them in excess, you risk damaging your lawn and garden. For this reason, it is better to hire professional lawn treatments in Mason, OH. Our experts use blends and mixes that fit the type and needs of your soil and turf perfectly. The use of synthetic fertilizers without knowledge or skill may endanger not only your lawn, but pets, wildlife, and the ecosystem in its entirety.

Synthetic fertilizers come with their advantages as well:

  • Low costs;
  • Availability;
  • Fast and good results, as well as the application, is correct;
  • Accurate and high ratios of nutrients achieved by the technicians applying them.

In mid-spring, lawn treatments are crucial to keep the soil fertile and avoid weeds to take over your lawn. Make sure you talk to our lawn treatments specialists in Mason, OH, about lawn fertilization and amending. They will tailor a program that covers all your lawn’s needs without putting it in danger!