While it is true that trees need less hands-on work during winter as they do in spring and summer, it does not mean you can neglect them entirely. You can ask any landscaper in Liberty Township, OH, and they will tell you healthy and resilient trees are crucial for a healthy yard. But how do you care for trees during the cold season? Tree injections may be the answer for you, but not in the absence of professional products and applications. If you want to learn more about the subject, our experts in lawn care in Liberty Township, OH, are here with some information.

When Should You Inject Your Trees?

The best time to inject your trees against diseases, pests, or fungi is when your trees lie dormant in the cold season. Late fall or early winter is the most preferred period, but our lawn care experts in Liberty Township, OH, suggest you could request such service in mid-winter as well.

What Are Tree Injections Good For?

Systemic tree injections play numerous roles in the protection and nourishment of your trees. We do not recommend you to try store products because you need a rigorous tree inspection from our landscaping company in Liberty Township, OH, to establish the type of treatment your trees need. Overall, here are some of the main tree injection categories professionals use, according to their purpose:

  • Tree fertilizing injections to boost the trees’ health;
  • Injections that prevent or treat tree diseases caused by leaf diseases;
  • Systemic tree injections to prevent pests – especially borers that are a severe threat to trees.

Caring for your trees is essential if you want a gorgeous landscape and a healthy yard. You should have our lawn care company in Liberty Township, OH, inspect your trees regularly and suggest the best treatments depending on the identified issues and the types of trees you grow.

Are Tree Injections Safe?

Many people ask questions about the safety of such interventions. After all, not all trees are the same. Tree health is one reason you should never use shelf products for injections, nor do the job yourself, but ask professional landscapers in Liberty Township, OH, to perform this task.

Other than that, tree injections are safe. Commercial-grade ones (available to arborists and lawn and landscape maintenance companies) discriminate tree varieties and species, fruit trees, and even trees with nuisance seeds and flowers.

If you need some tree inspections and more recommendations on tree care in winter, call our experts in lawn care in Liberty Township, OH, today!