Spring comes with many joys and just as many troubles. We know you cannot wait to start working on your beautiful yard and garden, and our lawn service provider in West Chester, OH, is here to help you with anything you need. But, as we all know, spring weeds can ruin any homeowners’ joy, and their time seems to be now! When it comes to weed treatments, pre-emergent weed control is a very complicated business. Timing is of the essence. Moreover, many homeowners deal with myths and truncated information when it comes to this issue. Today, our experts in lawn treatments in West Chester, OH, are here to clear up some things.

How Do Pre-Emergent Weed Treatments Work?

One of the myths circulating among homeowners is that pre-emergent weed control kills weeds and their seeds. When we discuss crabgrass control in West Chester, OH, (or other weeds), we focus on inhibiting the seeds’ germination. Some pre-emergent sprays and granular herbicides prevent cell division or stop root growth, etc. The younger the weeds are, the more susceptible they will be to specific blends used by our team of fertilization and weed control in West Chester, OH.

Can You Use Pre-Emergent Weed Control after Overseeding?

It is not a great idea to apply pre-emergent herbicides on a freshly overseeded lawn. According to our experts in lawn treatments in West Chester, OH, it would be more beneficial to use a golf course renovator after you overseeded. Such solutions already contain fertilizers and safe herbicides. Using any “traditional” pre-emergent substances might stop the new seeds from germinating as well.

What is the Best Time to Apply Pre-Emergent Weed Control in West Chester, OH?

The key to applying pre-emergent herbicides is before weed seeds germinate. It is why we said that timing is of the essence. For spring pre-emergent weed control, it is best to apply the treatments as early in the season as possible. If you want to engage in fertilization and pre-emergent weed control in the fall, the best times are late spring/early fall.

Concerning the timing, our experts in lawn treatments in West Chester, OH, insist that soil’s temperature is more critical than anything else is. Specialists agree that the soil temperatures should be around 50-55 degrees for five days in a row for effective pre-emergent weed control.

Our experts in lawn treatments in West Chester, OH, are here to offer you their professional services, no matter the size of your lawn. Contact us now for a free estimate and prevent those nasty weeds from emerging!