We have mentioned earlier a few things to keep in mind when it comes to early fall lawn and landscape preparations. However, trees and shrubs are an essential part of your entire landscaping strategy, and they need special and undivided attention from your part. From diseases, pests, and damages, to maintenance mistakes, your trees and shrubs face plenty of threats this time of year.

1. Thorough Assessment

Now is the best time to evaluate your trees and look for signs of injury, disease or pest activity. Unfortunately, these particular landscape elements show symptoms of damage when it might be too late to intervene. Call your local tree and shrub care Lebanon OH experts to assess the situation and decide if your landscape trees and shrubs need preventative insecticides/fungicides, foliar feed or spot treatments.

2. Watering Schedules

As you probably know, a tree species growing on your property may have different watering needs in comparison to the same tree growing in your neighbor’s yard. Trees and shrubs need water depending on soil texture and chemical composition, the density of water-competing plants found around the tree, daily temperatures and recent rainfall amounts, tree variety, shade/sun balance on the property, and much more. This is why you need your local tree and shrub care Lebanon OH pros to come down, make an analysis, and help you devise a tree watering program that helps the trees to grow healthily. You should know that overwatering trees is just as harmful as under-watering them.

3. Pest and Diseases Diagnosis and Intervention

One of the biggest threats menacing your trees and shrubs this time of year are pests and diseases. While we all expect a certain amount of pest activity, entertaining pests and allowing them to thrive is not the good way to go. There are a few organic and simple methods of lowering the risks of pest infestations on your landscape trees and shrubberies:

  • Avoid all possible mechanical and physical damage to the trees’ barks, roots, and branches; a damaged tree is more vulnerable to pest and disease
  • Take mulching seriously and follow the tree mulching rules to a tee; a fresh layer of properly applied mulch keeps your trees and shrubs moist, cool, nourished, and more resilient to insect or disease spreading.
  • If you want to prune and trim your trees, have your tree and shrub care Lebanon OH specialists give you a hand.
  • Make sure you clean the landscape, pick up debris, remove materials and dirt, and remove all fallen, wet, diseased, or dead leaves and twigs from the trees’ areas. Vegetal debris and other leftovers only entertain the thriving of pests and infections.
  • Consider systemic pest treatments only under the supervision of your local tree and shrub care Lebanon OH specialists. While systemic pest control ensures your trees will be safe from pests next spring, such a practice can damage trees if experts in the field do not perform it.

Have your local tree and shrub care Lebanon OH inspect your property and offer their recommendations on the next maintenance activities you need to implement to ensure your trees and shrubs a healthy development and resilience in the face of the upcoming challenges.