We said a while ago that homeowners needed to have some patience before getting too excited about spring and summer lawn care activities. We are sure you already have an early summer lawn care and landscaping Loveland, OH activities’ schedule and you are ready to plant new flowers and revamp the property, but you should also know a few things about preventative measures. Summer comes with high temperatures and a lot of subsequent troubles, so you need to be ready to face them all. Our lawn care Loveland, OH experts want to offer you a quick guide on preventative early summer lawn management so you don’t forget something important.

1. Lawn Aeration

Aeration should have been done by now, but if you didn’t have the time or the weather wasn’t by your side, you shouldn’t neglect this. Call your local lawn care Loveland, OH experts and have them assess the situation and help you go through the aeration process. It will allow the soil to drain, air and fertilizers reach the roots of your grasses and plants, and water to properly infiltrate into the soil. You need to make sure your grasses get strong and healthy roots so they can survive the heat, pests and weeds attacks and diseases.

2. Fertilization

Fertilization is a tricky business. You need to prepare the soil to boost the development of your turf, flowers, trees, even vegetables. But while this is the best time to apply fertilizers, you also need to make sure you use the proper ones. Some chemicals don’t get along with heat at all and you risk having your lawn burnt or subjected to damages. You should consider organic fertilizers like seaweed and compost. If you want to use chemical ones, ask your lawn care Loveland, OH team to pick and apply them in a professional, healthy manner.

3. Weed Control

Just as it happens to fertilizers, weed killers and anti-weed substances can do more harm than good if applied without care. Some substances burn the soil and the vegetation along with weeds and become true enemies under the summer sun. You need custom tailored weed treatments and a foolproof weeding schedule implemented by your local lawn care Loveland, TX experts. Of course our lawn care Mason, TX colleagues say that you can pull out weeds as soon as you see them, but a proper professional anti-weed plan is mandatory.

4. Landscaping Irrigation

You probably don’t face watering restrictions in your area, but this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t consider efficient watering and saving the resources. Correct watering is essential for your turf and vegetation to thrive in the summer. Water the lawn according to your established schedule and think about installing a proper drip irrigation system on your property, it will save you a lot of time, effort and money.

5. Mowing

Mowing should be done according to a proper schedule, dependant on the area you live in and the grasses you grow. Never cut the grass too short and don’t mow more than 1/3 inch of grass in each mowing session. The longer the blades, the healthier the turf will be.