Winter is not the most active season for plants, so one might think lawn maintenance is not entirely necessary these days. Nevertheless, your yard and garden can be the scene of some underground operations that usually lead to spring damages. Today, our experts in lawn care in Mason OH are here to discuss some overwintering pests that lurk in the shadows and harm your grasses, shrubs, and even trees.

1. Grubs

These obnoxious pests spend the winter burrowed deep down your lawn, waiting to wreak havoc on your property come May or June.

  • One clear sign that you have a grub problem is the frequency with which moles and skunks find their way on your property. They love digging for those delicious grubs lying dormant.

One way to manage such a winter pest problem is to plan thoroughly. Call your local lawn care experts in Mason OH and ask them to look for signs of an overwintering grub problem. The best course of action is early spring lawn care treatments they can provide.

2. Chinch Bugs

Some of the most destructive pests for your lawns and gardens, chinch bugs spend the winter in dead trees or at the base of your grass lawns and flowerbeds. According to our specialists in lawn care in Mason OH, you cannot entirely deter them, but you can limit their activity. Here is how to do it:

  • Regularly remove thatching, dead leaves, and vegetal debris from your lawn;
  • Keep the area around your house clean and tidy, as they can infiltrate your basement or your home looking for warmth.

Chinch bugs can’t wait for the warm season to come to rampage your fresh turf, so make sure you have your lawn care service in Mason OH ready to intervene.

3. Spider Mites

If the temperatures do no go past the freezing point in the winter, you may have some issues with spider mites, especially if you have boxwood, burning bushes, spruce trees, and junipers in your yard and garden. Spider mites are particularly dangerous for your shrubs and trees, so you should scout for them regularly. Tree and shrub inspections are the surefire way to try keeping them under control.

Make sure you rely on your local lawn care team in Mason OH for winter lawn checkups and maintenance. The more you limit the spring pest bonanza, the less you will have to work and spend to fix the damages!