This is the perfect time of the year to read gardening and landscaping magazines and browse through plants catalogues to get an idea on how to revamp your property during the next months. If you are interested in lawn care, landscaping and gardening trends (and you should be), our lawn care Maineville, OH specialists identified a few you should really look out for in 2017. While landscape architecture is slower in comparison to fashion design or interior decoration, one cannot overlook the novelty of ideas when they show up. So let’s see five top picks in landscaping and gardening trends as they comply with some practices and principles we already used or talked about.

1. Outdoor Living Spaces in Natural Materials

Owning a property means having the privilege to spend more time in nature – the building of outdoor living spaces like patios, kitchens, outdoor dining spaces or working spaces is not new, but it becomes increasingly popular. What it is new is a return to more natural materials like stone, sun-dried tiles, wood and brick to replace minimalistic and post-modern glass, stainless steel and concrete.

2. Outdoor Play and Entertainment Spaces

Building a bocce playing field on your property is not a whim anymore. More and more designers understand that people want playing and recreational spaces that don’t need weeding, watering or fertilization. Kids today aren’t what they used to be, either, and cutting down the size of your property is among the eco-friendly and resource-saving approaches that became very popular in the last years. Playing fields for all ages may take the shape of bocce fields, sand gardens for children, pet-centric areas, fire pit areas and so on.

3. Hyperlocalism

If we witnessed an increased interest in planting native grasses and vegetation to promote local ecosystems’ thriving and the lowered use of fertilizers, pest-control treatments, and herbicides, this year the trend will take a step further. Hyperlocalism means using grasses and plants that are endemic to a certain region. Using locally sourced grass and plants requires little to no use of fertilizer, weed and pest control treatments, watering and care. The trend promotes the thriving of local ecosystems containing endemic insects, birds and butterflies. Given the extra-low maintenance hyperlocal lawn care ensues, you will conserve more water, spend less time with gardening, save money and increase your quality of life.

4. Sustainable Irrigation

Our lawn care Maineville, OH specialists have tapped into this topic before. Smart irrigation systems work with plenty of sensors and software helping you enjoy a well-watered, green and healthy lawn and landscape without wasting a drop of water. Also, tech-centric irrigation systems can now be controlled via smartphone apps making distance-lawn care a dream came true.

5. Edible Gardens

Also following the principles of sustainability, edible gardens will see a rise in popularity and innovation this year. Some lawn care Maineville, OH specialists even predict that blended gardens featuring ornamental plants together with vegetables, herbs, and fruit are going to replace the traditional turf lawns. Besides adding to the beauty of the landscape, edible gardens comply with people’s increasing interest in improved quality of life and healthy consumption of organic, local, and fresh produce.

If you want to learn more about this year’s trends in outdoor architecture as our lawn care Maineville, OH specialists for details. You may want to adopt some of these trends to your own property to turn it into a healthy, thriving and sustainable second Garden of Eden.