5 Star Rating
A miraculous transformation. As an avid gardener, I normally take very good care of my own flowerbeds. But one year, I was consumed with launching my own business so weed-removal wasn’t high on my priority list. A full season of neglect left our property looking unsightly. Prickly thistle was growing waist-high. Dandelions and other weeds were choking out the flowers I had planted. Our black mulch had turned gray. Frankly, we were embarrassed by the condition of our landscape—and I was too exhausted to tackle it myself. So we hired Degree to come in and clean up the mess –and wow, what a result! A crew of three guys spent all day eradicating the mess, and our yard is now a showplace again. I’m not exaggerating when I say that Degree Lawn and Landscaping performed a miraculous transformation. I only wish I had taken before-and-after pictures to illustrate just how big a difference Degree made. Not only did Degree’s crews do great work efficiently, but also Degree provided great customer communication—which seems to be in short supply nowadays. Several other companies never followed through on their promises to give estimates. But Degree promptly arranged to come and talk with me in detail about the work that needed to be done, scheduled the work quickly, and stuck with the estimate that was provided. If you need a difficult job done quickly, efficiently and at a reasonable price, you can count on Degree!