When leaves fall in the cold season, many homeowners rush in with their blowers and bags to get rid of them. However, our lawn treatment experts in West Chester, OH, have some recommendations for you regarding the use of dry leaves. After all, they make free organic material you can use for various purposes. As you have probably figured out already, our specialists in mulch installation in West Chester, OH, have a lot to say on the subject. So, let’s see some gardening tips and tricks involving fallen leaves this year!

1. Mulch

As we mentioned in a previous article, it is a shame to throw away fallen leaves when you can use them to make organic, free mulch. Our experts in mulching in West Chester, OH, recommend you to use your rotary lawnmower to shred the fallen leaves you find on your lawn. Remember to keep your lawnmower’s blades on the highest cutting setting. Pass the mower over the leaves a couple of times and then gather them. You can mix them with straw, sawdust, and finely chopped bark or twigs to create a layer of organic mulch for your flowerbeds or around trees and shrubs.

2. Soil Amendment

Our lawn treatment company in West Chester, OH, recommend you to turn the fallen leaves on your lawn into soil conditioner. Use the lawnmower as we described above to cut the leaves. When it comes to mulching installation in West Chester, OH, versus soil amendments, our experts recommend you shred the leaves into tiny pieces in the latter case. When you cut the leaves into small bits, you help them disintegrate faster and break down into the soil. This natural amendment will nourish the soil, retain moisture, and protect it against harsh weather.

3. Compost

If you have a compost bin, you are in luck: fallen leaves make some of the best brown ingredients to use for your compost pile. Our lawn treatment experts in West Chester, OH, recommend you turn the compost pile at least once a month. This procedure allows the oxygen to circulate and preserve the materials from getting wet. In time, the brown leaves will turn into a black, thick substance with a high concentration of all the best nutrients.

If you want more tips on caring for your lawn and landscape this season, talk to our lawn treatments company in West Chester, OH, for help. Our mulch installation specialists in West Chester, OH, can also give you a hand with your late fall tasks.