Trees are among the easiest, spectacular, and most sustainable elements making any landscape more vibrant, interesting and welcoming. Planting the right tree in the right place on your property ensures that your new addition to the landscape will live a healthy life for as long as you maintain it. The most successful designs with and around trees are those that you plan carefully with your experts in landscaping in West Chester, OH, taking climate and environmental factors into consideration, along with the other elements already present on your property. So let’s see today some tips and tricks to perform exquisite landscaping with trees!

Decide Why You Want to Add New Trees to Your Landscape

Why do you want new trees on your property? Take a while to consider and discuss things with your landscaping company in West Chester, OH. Before you choose the new trees to plant on your property to revamp it and give it some oomph, decide why you are engaging in this project in the first place. Here are some of the most common reasons homeowners add new trees to their yards:

  • Shade: If shade is what you want, allow our experts in landscaping in West Chester, OH, to recommend you some trees with broad canopies.
  • Aesthetics: Most homeowners choose ornamental and flowering trees to spruce up their yards with color, texture, or scent.
  • Privacy: Those who want more privacy on their properties choose tree-based landscape designs. Trees play the role of privacy screens, softening harsher landscapes and helping with the compartmentalization of the land. More beautiful than simple classic fences, you can use trees to separate different areas of your landscape, too. With so many options out there, our landscaping company in West Chester, OH, can offer you advice on what to choose if you want fast-growing privacy trees to add more green and structure to your property.
  • Fresh fruit: Picking your fruit has something very satisfying to it. From nut to citrus trees and from “classic” fruit-yielding trees to some exotic choices, planting fruit trees is beneficial on all accounts – especially to encourage the ecosystem to thrive by attracting pollinators. Also, don’t think you have to wait a decade to have some fresh fruits. Our experts in landscaping in West Chester, OH, can recommend some dwarf varieties bearing fruit in up to 5 years.

Now that you made up your mind on the “why,” all you have to do is set the details with your local landscaping company in West Chester, OH.