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Aeration in the West Chester, Mason, & Liberty Township Areas of OH

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Aeration Service in West Chester, Mason, Liberty Township, OH & Surrounding Areas

We perform core aeration in the fall to yield the best results for your grass.

Soil compaction is inevitable, but it hinders your turf's access to much-needed resources. Fortunately, that's where we come in! At Degree Lawn & Landscape, we'll perform core aeration, which involves pulling up plugs of soil to loosen compaction and help nutrients, sunlight, water, and air reach the roots of your grass. We offer this service in the fall since this is when your lawn is at its strongest to endure the process and yield the best results. Additionally, while you can schedule it independently, it's also available as part of our lawn care program.

We offer our aeration service to residential and commercial properties, as well as HOAs, in West Chester, Mason, Liberty Township, OH, and throughout the surrounding areas.

We Offer Core Aeration to Loosen Compacted Soil & Improve Resource Access to Your Turf's Roots

At Degree Lawn & Landscape, we want to do right by your lawn to yield optimal results, so we offer core aeration. This process involves using an aerator to pull up plugs of soil; while our team can pass over your turf once, we usually perform a double pass to pull up twice as many cores. When we do this, it loosens compaction and creates small holes that act as passageways for nutrients and resources, such as sunlight, water, and air, to reach the roots of your grass. With improved access to everything it needs, your lawn's health will drastically improve and bolster lush, vibrant growth.

We highly recommend scheduling our aeration service annually to ensure your lawn always has optimal access to everything it needs to thrive!

When do we offer our core aeration service?

While aeration is highly beneficial for the overall health of your lawn, it's crucial to perform this process when it's at its strongest to endure it. Because of this, we offer our core aeration service in the fall, from September to October. The cooler weather during these months provides ideal conditions for the grass to withstand and recover quickly afterward. That way, it can also rebuild its strength in time for the winter season.

Our Aeration Service is Available Independently or as Part of Our Lawn Care Program

Aeration alone can help your lawn, so we offer this service independently. However, if you want to reap even better results, it's also available as part of our lawn care program! This program includes regular fertilization treatments from mid-March until late November to provide all the nutrients it needs throughout the growing season. Additionally, our team utilizes pre- and post-emergent weed control treatments to prevent weeds from surfacing and eliminate any existing growth. If that's not enough, this program even comes with preventative grub control and a lime application to keep root-feeding grubs from causing problems and balance your soil's pH, respectively! Combine all these with our aeration service, and your turf will be at its best year after year.

Call us today to schedule our core aeration service and set up your lawn for long-standing success!

If you want to set up your lawn for long-standing success by giving it optimal access to the resources it needs, look no further than our aeration service! We offer core aeration to residential and commercial properties and HOAs in West Chester, OH, and other nearby areas, including Mason and Liberty Township. Call us today at (513) 874-3256 to schedule and say hello to the healthiest, most beautiful turf in no time!