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Drainage & Grading Service in the West Chester, Mason, & Liberty Township Areas of OH

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Drainage & Grading in West Chester, OH & Surrounding Areas, Including Mason & Liberty Township

We'll remedy flooding issues on your property by grading the land and installing drainage solutions.

If there is water accumulating on your property, it is likely due to either a problem with the land's slope or a lack of proper drainage. At Degree Lawn & Landscape, we provide a professional service for drainage and grading, which includes an assessment and inspection of your property, suggestions for various solutions, installation of drainage systems, and the final grading of the soil. We offer French drains, downspouts, and catch basins for drainage, and we will recommend the most suitable option for your specific needs. After the installation is complete, we suggest utilizing our sod installation or new lawn seeding service to repair any surrounding grass.

Our drainage and grading service is available to homeowners, business owners, and HOAs in West Chester, Mason, Liberty Township, and other nearby areas in Ohio. Drain your yard of excessive water by calling us at (513) 874-3256 to schedule this service!

What is our drainage and grading process?

When you contact us at Degree Lawn & Landscape to set up a meeting for our drainage and grading service, our team will visit your home or business to assess the property and determine the reason for your flooding problems. After that, we will give suggestions for the best drainage system based on the situation before setting a date for installation. We will finish this service with a final grading of your soil to redirect water away from the foundation of your property.

Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed with our drainage and grading service!

We Offer Various Drainage Solutions to Fit Your Needs

Downspout drain on home in West Chester, OH.

If you've been struggling with excess water on your property, it could be because there is nowhere for it to go. Luckily, we have several different drainage solutions that aim to solve these issues. Our options include:

  • French Drains: French drains consist of a perforated pipe covered with gravel or rock. This pipe then leads the water away from your home or business so it doesn't pool up anywhere.
  • Catch Basins: Catch basins consist of a grate to collect excess water and drain it away from your property.
  • Downspouts: Downspouts direct water from your gutters away from your foundation, preventing pooling around your home or business.

Pair our drainage and grading service with our new lawn services to repair damaged grass!

After we install your drainage solutions and grade your land, the next step is to repair any damaged grass due to the process and flooding. To do this, we encourage you to pair our drainage and grading service with our sod installation or new lawn seeding service. Whether you want us to install sod for quick results or spread seeds to grow new grass, you can't go wrong with either solution, as they equally remedy any bare, patchy, or dead areas.

Schedule our drainage and grading service by calling us today!

If you're having difficulty with water retention on your property, call us at Degree Lawn & Landscape, and we'll help you find the best drainage solution for your situation and grade your yard so water moves away from your home or business rather than toward it. With 24 years in the industry, quality control for every job, and 100% satisfaction guaranteed, we promise you'll love our results.

Our service is available to residential and commercial property owners and HOAs in West Chester, OH, and nearby areas, such as Mason and Liberty Township. Call (513) 874-3256 to schedule our drainage and grading service today!