At Degree Lawn & Landscape, we believe our many happy customers speak volumes about the quality and professionalism of our work. These people have gone out of their way to let us, and others know just how satisfied they are with our Lawn & Landscape services, and recommend us to those who need our services. Read what our clients have to say, and then give us a call. You will be glad you did!

Linda Vance Buken
Simply the best lawn service I have ever used. I am so glad I found this company. They show up when they say they will and always do a fabulous job!
Rebecca Dewitt
The last company I used left my backyard gate open and I spent hours looking for our dog. Degree pays attention to detail and I no longer have to worry.
Shane H.
Great local company. Great customer service and quality of work. 100% recommend.
Joe H.
I would like to say degree lawn & landscape is a great place to do business with. They are very professional in everything they do. We have used them since they started their business. We have used them for mowing, landscape and the staff is awesome. Their pricing is very good for their services. We love working with Jack and his entire staff.
Pam Q.
We have been a customer for the past several years and our yard always looks amazing. Would recommend to anyone!!
Amy Q.
Degree Lawn and Landscape is a great company to work with. All of their staff is very helpful and my requests are never ignored. I have even flagged down the grass cutters to ask them to cut my lawn in different directions each time they visit and they have always followed through. My yard always looks fantastic. They also go above and beyond when it comes to spring clean up with my mulch beds and shrubs. When I arrive home from work, beds are munched and shrubs are pruned. That's the best feeling in the world!!
Julie E.
Degree Lawn and Landscape is an extremely reliable, honest, and knowledgeable. We have used their services for the past 3 years for weekly lawn cutting, spring mulching, fall landscape cleanup, and fertilizing. They know what they are doing and when we did have an issue, they did an excellent job communicating and solving the problem. Highly recommend.
Steve D.
I started to use them last year without regret. They call 24hr before arriving allowing me to pick up the yard or keep the dogs in. Spot treated some areas I had extra concern about. Price is fair.
Brent P.
We have used Degree for lawn maintenance and landscape services. They do a great job and we will use them again in the future.
E.F. in WCT
Good solid care for your lawn needs. I have been a satisfied customer for almost 6 years now. DEGREE is a conscientious company with polite and hardworking employees. I trust them to work with me on any problems with my yard and they are always up to the task. My lawn has never looked better!
Outstanding Lawn and Landscaping Work. The team goes out of their way to make sure the service is outstanding and customized to meet our particular lawn and landscaping needs. The outcomes are beautiful and timely. Thanks to all the Degree team for the great customer service attitudes.
Linda M Pille
They do a great job. I have used them for around 6 years now. It is nice to come home from work to your lawn looking nice.
Ellen Frances
Degree has been my lawn maintenance company for almost 6 years now. Their crews are always polite, hardworking and considerate. I first saw them on the job at a neighboring yard and appreciated the way they worked. They show up at a predictable time each week to mow and do a very good job. Easy to talk to and eager to please, they are ready to serve my customer needs and requests.

The management LISTENS to any of your concerns, no matter how small, and they do their best to serve. The Spring Clean Up and trim crew always leaves my property looking pristine. The weekly mowers, and the fertilization teams are very efficient and do their jobs well and in a timely way. I really appreciate all they can get done so quickly. Loving that I have this crew and they have "my back" as far as my yard maintenance needs. They improve each year as a trustworthy company who guarantees the work.They strive to do well each time. They are easy to work with. They maintain contact with their clients and I really appreciate that.
Barry Gorsun
We have been a customer of Degree for many, many years. We utilize their lawn, design and landscape services. WE are a very fussy customer requiring attention and high quality performance. Degree has consistently done excellent work and has become a trusted partner in making our home beautiful on the outside. Kevin, the overall manager, is outstanding. He has become an important source, joining with my wife, in providing creative and realistic design and maintenance of our property.
Tom Ware
Degree does a thorough & professional job. However they really showed their integrity last season when they applied a treatment on my lawn that had been incorrectly formulated by the manufacturer, and a lot of my lawn died. They did extensive repairs to my large yard that took many man-hours and at no cost to me. I really appreciated their going the extra mile to satisfy the customer. A+++
Jeffrey DePuy
I have been a loyal customer of Degree Lawn & Landscaping for many, many years. I can always count on them to provide quality, timely, and cost competitive landscaping services that meet and exceed my expectations. I have recommended them to friends and neighbors and look forward to continuing our partnership for many years to come.
Brent Phelan
We have worked with Degree for both lawn maintenance and landscape design and install. They do a great job and have been willing to work with us anytime something was not exactly to our liking. I will use them again in the future.
Mathew Simon
Started using them last spring. Amazing job and great attention to detail. Could not be happier.
Cindy Kennedy Strahan
Love the way our lawn looks! Nicely done Degree Lawn and Landscape!
Tim Whitener
They always have me in their best interest! Thanks!!!
Steve Engelbert
Cory Clapsaddle
We have used Degree for 4 years now. Our yard always looks amazing. One of the best in the neighborhood. We have had many of our friends and family use Degree because our yard looks so nice. They are very timely with their services and their employees are very personable and knowledgeable when approached with questions. Dandelions beware, you will never be in my yard again!
John Mueller
I had Degree Lawn start treating my lawn this past spring and it made an incredible difference, I highly recommend them!
Eric Debord
Excellent job
Anthony Heightland
Michael Murrie
Excellent service in lawn and landscape. Way better than others.
Dr. David Kauffman
Degree has done mowing, seeding, aeration and more for our lawn the past couple of years and has been terrific! The customer service couldn't be better. Thanks Degree!
PYO Baseball
Degree Lawn & Landscape continues to perform excellent work at the Pisgah Youth Organization's BallFields. The Fertilization, Aeration and Landscape work is done with the highest quality on time at a reasonable price. Keep up the good work.
Matt Mullinix
Degree Lawn & Landscape has been working with me for the past two years. They've helped my lawn recover from the destruction caused by a previous service provider. They are very prescriptive in their approach to the service they provide and are extremely responsive when I have a special request or need additional maintenance. They will continue to be my lawn service in the future.
Paul Branco
Degree Lawn and Landscape gave my wife a thorough renovation proposal from taking out the present shrubbery to installation of new with detail we have not gotten from other landscape companies.. went over all aspects of what Degree Lawn and Landscape can do. We have recomended them to our neighbors and friends.
Jennifer Powless
Degree Lawn & Landscaping has been mowing our yard for the past few years. They have always done an excellent job. They managed to take our yard, with its dead and patchy grass, to a yard that's green and full. The workers are always polite and I highly recommend them!
Eric Stockman
Degree has made our yard look exceptional in the last 10 years I have used them. Other people in my neighborhood use other lawn care companies and there is honestly no comparison. The attention to detail they use and the overall customer service and professionalism they provide is top notch. I would recommend them to anyone.
Andrea Castner
Degree Lawn and Landscape has done all of our landscape for the last 10 years. We have been thoroughly impressed with the timely fashion in which they have gotten our jobs complete. Their prices are better than their competitors and lastly, the employees are professional and clean up nicely after working in the yard/landscape. We wouldn't go with any other company!
Darren Brown
Great service and competitive bids....highly recommend degree!
Jane Meng
Degree Lawn and Landscape take care of all of my landscaping needs. They take care of my mowing, spring clean-up, and updating my landscape. Degree has always done an awesome job! Top quality products and courteous employees that go the extra mile for customers. I have used them for many years and recommend them for all of your landscaping needs. They stand behind their work.
Pam Quinlisk
We have used Degree for the last several years and our yard always looks amazing. Would absolutely recommend to anyone!
Brent Phelan
Degree recently completed a large project for us. It involved coordination with several other contractors. The result is fantastic!!! I recommend them for all of your landscaping and lawn maintenance needs. Two thumbs up and five stars!
Missy's Gym
We are completely satisfied with Degree. We have had their lawn application services for a few years now. The employees are very friendly and they call us when they are on their way to make sure the dog is in the house. We appreciate that.
Steve Dearmore
Started using them last year without regret. They call within 24hr before coming to my house which allows me to clean up and keep the dogs inside. They spot treated extra areas of concern on the fly. I will be using them again this year.
Tabitha Rogala
This company is amazing! Their employees are always kind a courteous, and go out of their way to ensure that they provide excellent service. Their prices are great too! I would highly recommend Degree Lawn and Landscape to anyone looking for landscaping services.
Katie Phillips
Degree Lawn & Landscape has been extremely professional and has done a fantastic job this year with our lawn. This was our first experience with having a company cut our yard and they did a great job. We will be using them again this next year.
Darrin Ward
Big Fan! Started using these guys about 4 or 5 years ago. My yard looks awesome!! They did a patio for me which looks great and I never have to worry about if they will show up. On time every single week! If you looking for a fair and hard working group of dudes - this is it!
Eric Medecke
Completely amazing work! I had them come out and design a layout around my deck and hot tub. It's absolutely amazing. The stuff they picked is for all seasons and we are able to enjoy it even in the winter.