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Kenwood, OHLandscaping & Hardscape Construction Services

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We offer landscaping and hardscape construction services to commercial and residential properties and HOAs in Kenwood, OH.

Our team can install softscapes, maintain your landscape, construct hardscapes, and more!

Kenwood, OH, is a small community in Hamilton County with a population of just over 7,500. It's located just outside Cincinnati, serving as a well-known shopping destination since it's home to the Kenwood Towne Centre. However, you can also play a game of golf at Kenwood Country Club and enjoy a beautiful day outside at Bob Meyer Park.

At Degree Lawn & Landscape, we can help you achieve your dream landscape and outdoor space with our landscaping and hardscape construction services! We proudly serve commercial and residential properties and HOAs in Kenwood, OH, and our team can do anything from installing softscapes and maintaining your landscape to constructing hardscapes, plus much more!

Turn Your Property Into the Most Beautiful One on the Block With Our Landscaping Services

If you want to turn your property in Kenwood, OH, into the most beautiful one on the block, our experts can help. We can install new landscape beds or renovate existing ones before filling them with gorgeous plants and annual flowers, such as hostas, black-eyed Susans, begonias, lantanas, and more. Additionally, we can lay a mulch or rock ground cover to make them stand out even more, then trim and prune your plants to bolster healthy, beautiful growth.

Turning your dream landscape into reality just got easier with our team! We can create a 2D or 3D design rendering of your next project so you can see how it'll look before we begin installing it. That way, you can feel confident knowing you'll receive just what you envisioned. We can also establish a new lawn on your property via seeding or sod, remove a tree you no longer want before grinding down the stump afterward, and clean up your yard. Our crew can even remove snow from your commercial property in Kenwood to keep it open and accessible during the winter season! Here are all the landscaping services we offer:

We offer power seeding and hydroseeding services to grow new grass on your property in Kenwood, OH.

We can construct patios, retaining walls, fire pits, and other hardscapes.

Hardscapes can take your outdoor space to the next level, and our team at Degree Lawn & Landscape is here to help make that happen. We can design and build various features, like patios, walkways, and outdoor steps, to provide a central gathering spot and improve mobility across different areas.

Meanwhile, our retaining walls are highly functional, adding usable space to your property while helping control soil erosion. We can also construct a seating wall to provide more seating options in your outdoor space! Then, our team can install a fire pit or outdoor fireplace to keep you warm during chilly evenings in Kenwood, OH. Our hardscape construction services are as follows:

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Here at Degree Lawn & Landscape, we proudly offer top-of-the-line landscaping and hardscape construction services to homes, businesses, and HOAs in Kenwood, OH. When you hire our team, you can rest assured that we will work tirelessly to deliver results that exceed your expectations. Call us today at (513) 874-3256 to schedule any of our services.