Landscape Maintenance

Degree Lawn & Landscape provides Complete Landscape Maintenance to keep your landscape & outdoor living areas healthy and properly manicured, just the way you like it. A custom maintenance program will be established based upon your landscape ambitions and what good horticulture dictates. Degree provides pristine curb appeal all year long!

Spring Cleanup

After Our ServiceRemoval of organic debris, cutback of perennial plants that overwintered in their mature stage, and removal of excess mulch: This process is important in many ways, not just the overall aesthetics of your planting beds. The removal of all organic debris that has gathered over the winter months gets rid of the unsightly material and inhibits disease and insect populations from becoming established. Some perennial plants are left alone through the fall and winter months because they can serve as a seasonal interest plant through these months. Some perennials may be left untouched through the winter to better serve as a protective buffer from harsh winter conditions. Either way, spring is the time to revitalize perennials so that they grow and perform through the growing season.

Excess mulch is one of the most common and detrimental occurrences in today’s landscape. It is of the utmost importance to monitor mulch depth in your planting beds, particularly around the base of your ornamental plants and the foundations of buildings. Mulch that has accumulated around your plants at unacceptable levels is damaging in a couple of ways. Excess mulch can have a choking effect on the plant by not allowing the crown of the plant to properly breath. Excess mulch around the crown of your ornamental plants can also retain too much water and heat which can lead to root rot and provides a perfect habitat for damaging pests and disease. It is very important to keep mulch levels well below the siding or brick level of buildings due to the potential to harbor insects such as termites and to eliminate water issues.


Homerama Home After 1Mulch is essential for healthy plants and pleasing aesthetics in planting beds. When high quality mulch is installed correctly, the benefits are immense. Mulch serves as a watering aid during the spring and summer months. Mulch has the ability to retain water that would typically be lost to evaporation. Mulch helps control weed infestations in planting beds as it blocks out light required for germination. To most people, mulch is purely for aesthetic purposes. There is nothing that makes a landscape look more clean and crisp than fresh mulch. At Degree Lawn & Landscape, our process involves deep edging the planting beds to give that crisp look and to keep erosion in check. We then apply a pre-emergent herbicide to the areas that helps inhibit weed germination throughout the growing season. The final stage is the application of the mulch to the desired areas at a depth of 2 inches. Degree Lawn & Landscape only uses premium hardwood mulch that is available in different colors and textures.

Ornamental Tree & Shrub Pruning

Pruning is a critical part of maintaining optimum plant health and beauty all year long. At Degree Lawn & Landscape, we can assure you that proper horticultural techniques and timing are considered when manipulating your plants. Proper technique and timing allows appropriate bloom schedules and consistency within the landscape. Degree Lawn & Landscape will work with you on your custom pruning schedule dependent on the plants in your landscape and how you want things manicured.

Fall Cleanup

Fall cleanup includes perennial plant & ornamental grass management, annual flower removal, light pruning, and the option for mulch to ensure a clean and protected landscape for the winter season.

Leaf Removal

Our leaf cleanup and removal services are set up to keep your lawn and landscape clean during our autumn leaf drop. Degree Lawn & Landscape will help you assess the best leaf removal plan for your property dependent on your tree varietals and desired meticulousness.

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