The Perfect Lawn Care Maineville OH Residents Are Looking For

The area of Maineville and its surroundings is a beautiful neighborhood with plenty of green spaces around people’s homes, but unfortunately only few of these are properly cared for. Though there’s nothing sadder than a neglected and withered lawn, in many cases the fault doesn’t rest with the owner: despite all the good intentions in the world, every lawn care Maineville OH service provider they try seems to disappoint one way or another, like in a row. After a while, it’s only natural that the home owners that got the short end of the stick will renounce working with any new company and just take matters into their own hands. But because no one with a regular job has enough time or the required skills and equipment to care for his or her own lawn properly, the turf will likely be out of shape pretty soon.

Lawn Care Maineville OHThis is where we at Degree Lawn Care & Landscape come in: we are a fairly large local company (35 employees during the warm season) that insists on remaining local, we’ve been founded in 1991 so we’ve learned a thing or two in the process, and our main goal during these years was to build up a solid reputation and involvement within the community. The results of beautiful lawns and landscapes, as well as lasting business partnerships all reflect on the fact our goal was met and continues to be met with every new customer, who then becomes a regular to our services.

Speaking of which, all of our services come with a 100% Iron-Clad “Your Money Back” Guarantee, which means you really have nothing to lose if you decide to give us a chance. Should a job we do not be to your liking, we will redo it immediately, no questions asked, and if you still don’t like it we’ll pay you back everything. This is the strongest type of such client insurance currently on the market and few companies are confident enough in the quality of their services to afford making such a promise. Don’t expect to see this from your regular so-called professional lawn mowing service, or if they do promise it, don’t expect to not have to appeal to that guarantee.

What Degree Lawn Care & Landscape Offers

Our services can be divided into lawn care and landscaping regular jobs, and the beauty of it is that you can get them both from the same place, as we function as a one-stop-shop for all yard-related needs.

Lawn Care Maineville OH Services:

  • Spring and fall clean-ups;
  • Turf core aeration;
  • Turf renovation and over-seeding, when needed;
  • A customized fertilization and weed control program for each customer;
  • The required regular mows and other maintenance works.

Landscaping Services:

  • Annual Floral Displays (Spring, Summer & Fall color rotation);
  • Premium hardwood mulch installation;
  • Ornamental Tree and Shrub Pruning;
  • Landscape Design and Installation (performed by certified and experienced experts on the matter);
  • Ornamental Tree & Shrub Removal & Replacement;
  • An Ornamental Shrub &Tree Care Program;
  • An Emerald Ash Borer Prevention & Treatment Program;
  • Commercial snow and ice management.