The first signs of spring are here and every homeowner with a green thumb is anxious to get out there and begin spring lawn care preparations and gardening activities. You may already know what flowers you want to plant next, what new elements of masonry you want to add, what to fix and how to get the lawn ready for summer. This is usually known as “spring fever” and sometimes, many residents get ahead of nature and begin spring activities without taking note of some very important rules. Today, lawn care Lebanon, OH specialists offer you a short guide on do’s and don’ts so you can avoid making mistakes because you weren’t patient enough and you wanted everything done today.

The Do’s Rules

1. Early Spring Assessment

Before starting digging holes to plant new bulbs, you need to test the soil and the overall health state of the lawn. Call your local lawn care Lebanon, OH team and make a spring checkpoint plan you need to follow. This should include pH soil testing, the presence of thatch, fungi or winter mold, the need of aeration and overseeding, infrastructure functionality, weed emergence and the presence of pests, among others.

2. Spring Cleaning

Just like you start cleaning your house in spring, you should also clean your lawn, garden, and outdoor spaces. You need to remove debris, dethatch, and manage snow mold and so on. First, gently rake the lawn with the leaves rake and not the garden one. Remove dead leaves and tissue, pick up debris and let the turf grow unstressed as the weather gets warmer and warmer.

3. Gear Fixing

Don’t mow, trim, dig, rake, water or cut anything just yet, but get your gear ready for a new year of lawn care and landscaping activities. Sharpen your mower blades and garden scissors, clean your gardening tools, fix your sprinklers’ system in case it needs some maintenance, get your fertilizers and wait for the right time to start spring activities.

The Don’ts Rules

1. Pre-Emergence Treatments

Crabgrass and other weeds won’t germinate tomorrow so you should refrain from applying weed pre-emergence treatments right now – you will only damage the soil and stress the seeds and seedlings, lowering the turf chances of developing strong roots and blades. Ask your lawn care Lebanon, OH experts to help you implement the correct pre-emergence treatments when time comes.

2. Fertilization

The rule is to let the turf and grasses reach their recommended mowing height before you start using fertilizers. You need a professional checkpoints calendar to keep track of timely aeration, overseeding, fertilization, and mowing, watering, weed and pest control.

3. Vegetation Planting

A few sunny days aren’t a warranty for healthy developing flowers, trees, shrubs and hedges. You need a plan to add new patches of vegetation, flower beds, vegetable rows or trees to your landscape and it can be offered to you by professional landscaping Lebanon, OH specialists.

All in all, the main rule here is to be patient and work together with your local lawn care Lebanon, OH team to implement the correct spring lawn care activities at the right time.