In spring and early summer, water-clogged lawns are nothing surprising. After prolonged periods of rain, the water sits on the lawn, forming puddles or turning the soil squishy to walk on or downright muddy. Poor drainage is usually the underlying cause of water clogging, although homeowners deal with such problems when their lawns have heavy clay spots. Flat terrains or heavy foot traffic are also contributing factors to this issue. Luckily, water-clogged lawns are treatable. Our experts in lawn care in Mason, OH, are here to offer you some tips and suggestions to solve this problem without causing irreversible damages to your property.

1. Aerate the Lawn

If you don’t enjoy a few days of dry, warm weather and plenty of sunshine to help the water evaporate fast from your lawn, then aeration is your go-to solution. If you still have to deal with water puddles, squishy soil, and clay areas, you have to call in the experts. In Mason, OH, our lawn care company uses industrial-grade lawn aeration machines capable of piercing through the clay and help with the drainage. Unfortunately, if the soil is excessively soggy, the aerator might not work properly, so you still have to allow the lawn to dry until the soil becomes moist.

2. Top Dressing

Another idea that works for water-clogged lawns is top dressing the soil with a mix of organic compost and horticultural sand. In Mason, OH, our lawn care service provider recommends you ask for this service as a next step after our technicians aerated the soil. Compost and sand work together by infiltrating through the holes made by the aerator, loosening the soil particles. The beneficial bacteria in the compost helps with the lawn’s drainage while promoting root strengthening and plant growth.

3. Install a Drain

If lawn water-clogging is a recurrent problem on your property due to heavy rain combined with a flat surface, then you could talk to our experts in lawn care in Mason, OH, to install a simple French drain to redirect the water and save the soil and plants from damage. Of course, digging a simple ditch might do the trick, but installing an underground drainage system is a definitive solution. Talk to our experts about re-grading the lawn to create slopes and raise the lowest spots on your property to ensure a good water flow in the right direction.

If water clogging is an issue on your lawn this season, don’t hesitate to call our experts in lawn care in Mason, OH, to give you a hand!