When we think about landscaping in early fall, we usually consider those preparations that are meant to ensure a gorgeous and healthy revival of our plants and flowers in the next spring. However, landscaping means more than mixing and matching colors and textures – it also involves fine tuning the property and tweaking some things for a spectacular look. Today, our landscaping Lebanon, OH specialists want to share some easy-to-implement ideas and secrets on how you can brilliantly beautify your property without much effort.

1. Add Natural and Artificial Ground Covers

In order to really have your property put on a show this fall, have your local landscaping Lebanon, OH specialists offer their advice on groundcovers. You can pick a ground-hugging plant like the cranberry cotoneaster which displays autumn-perfect small red fruits offering you a delightful and innovative ground carpet. You can add mulch made of fallen leaves and enjoy carpets featuring all shades of yellow, greens, browns and reds. Your local landscaping Lebanon, OH pros can also help you pick and install artificial covers made of cobblestone, wood chips and other elements. Adding ground covers does not only boost the visual aesthetics of your landscape but also keeps early fall weeds from spreading all over the place.

2. Introduce a Garden Fireplace

Think about it this way: what would be more awesome than spending some chill-out evenings outside, enjoying the fresh air, the night sky, the scents and the natural sounds of fall but none of its cold temperatures? A landscape fireplace can play multiple roles on a property:

  • It adds structure, color, contrast, depth and design, making it even more valuable and gorgeous. You can build it in stone, marble, metal or wood, you can place it above or below ground and you can choose any size and shape you want – a fireplace is a sure thing to increase the curb appeal.
  • It adds functionality – the area around a fireplace becomes a room in itself, a space of comfort and relaxation where you can spend free time with family and friends.

Have your local landscaping Lebanon, OH team offer their best advice on how and where to install a fireplace on the property. Fall and winter are nothing without a fire to gather around to. Not to mention that you will all need a burning fireplace nearby to have some tea or grog when you spend hours outside making snowmen and snow angels with the kids.

3. Have a Blast with Baskets and Containers

If you want to spice up the landscape this fall you don’t have to go a great length to add beauty, originality, scent, color and amusement to it. All you need to do is do some container gardening by choosing the best plants that put on a show in fall. Have your landscaping Lebanon, OH pros advise you on the best container flowers and plants for your property and teach you how to place said containers to make the best of them. Moreover, baskets filled with fruit, vegetables and fresh or dried spice herbs make incredible looking decorative elements you can place here and there on tables, on the porch, along the sides of stairs and so on.