Sizeable lawns and landscapes require plenty of maintenance effort and hefty budgets, especially for irrigation. Let’s take into account the fact that most residential water goes to watering vast lawns and yards. You understand why some communities insist on water restrictions and changes in perspective. Moreover, extended properties with endless lawn areas and vegetation need constant care, from a simple mow and trim to extensive fertilization, pest control, and vegetation management programs. Did the idea of cutting down your landscape’s size cross your mind as of late? Let’ see what our experts in landscaping in Liberty Township, OH have to say about this!

How to Cut Down The Size of Your Lawn according to Landscaping Liberty Township, OH Experts

The first thing you should know is that for any cutting down or sizing up a lawn/landscape, you need a professional landscaping company in Liberty Township, OH, to manage such a project for you. It is not enough to decide you don’t need some square feet of lawn and pour concrete over them to make a patio. You have to hire experts landscape architects to redesign your landscape to keep its health, beauty, value, and balance.

You also need a landscaping contractor in Liberty Township, OH, to create new landscape elements. Their purpose is to replace portions of your lawn coherently to match house architecture and landscape design principles. Specialists can also restructure your landscape irrigation system and develop practical solutions to preserve the micro ecosystem’s integrity.

Some of the most straightforward methods to cut down the lawn size are the following:

  • Hardscape installations: such landscape elements include (but are not limited to) patios and decks, stone terraces, cobblestone pathways, and sand/stone gardens, gravel, brick, or concrete applications, water and fire elements, retaining walls, walkways, etc. Such new hardscapes save plenty of long-term budget on watering, fertilization, pest control, and vegetation maintenance;
  • Turf replacements: one of the great principles of xeriscaping is the replacement of high-maintenance turfs with clover. You would, indeed, have a weed lawn, but clover doesn’t require irrigation, covers the land beautifully, and even charms you with its small delicate white flowers every summer.
  • Native vegetation: our experts in landscaping in Liberty Township, OH, know you love your plants, shrubs, and flowers. However, native vegetation requires less water and maintenance. With the proper trimming and pruning services, your “wild” landscape can become an artwork.

Call our landscaping company in Liberty Township, OH, to evaluate if you need a landscape redesign and upgrade! We’re more than happy to help!