Homeowners who have dogs know that turf grasses make great groundcover for pets. Grasses are not toxic even if ingested, and as long as you take care of your lawn and landscape, they will be free of ticks or other pests all year long. However, not all turf grasses are resilient to pets, and not all homeowners know how to take care of their landscapes, so their beloved furry friends don’t destroy them. Our experts in landscaping in Liberty Township, OH, are here to explain some things.


The Main Traits of Dog-Proof Lawns and Landscapes

According to our landscaping company in Liberty Township, OH, you might want to look for some specific characteristics of your new lawn grasses:

  • Rapid growth rate. When your dog runs, jumps, and plays on the law, pees, poops, and engages in day-long play with the kids, your lawn and landscape suffer. To make things more bearable, you should select grasses that grow quickly. This trait will help them recover rapidly from the damages.
  • Deep roots. Grasses with deep root systems will resist better to physical damage, recover more quickly, and be more resilient to weather, pests, weeds, environmental changes, etc.
  • Resilience to local conditions. Our landscaping experts in Liberty Township, OH, have said this numerous times: go for native grasses and plants that suit your climate, sun/shade exposure, local pests, weeds, etc. The more resilient your turf and plants are, the better they will resist the physical damage caused by your pets.

Tips to Maintain Your Landscape Safe and Beautiful

The best way to ensure you have a lush, thriving lawn and landscape this year – while you allow your dog to do its business and play all over the place – is by working with professionals on property maintenance. First, however, here are a few tips our landscape maintenance company in Liberty Township, OH, recommends:

  • After your dog pees on an area, water it immediately to dilute the excess nitrogen and reduce the damage.
  • Ensure you inspect and clean your yard frequently to remove pet waste, as its build-up can cause several health problems for your dog, family, and grasses. In addition, dispose of dog poop as regularly as you can.
  • Enlarge the area dedicated to your dog’s activity on the property.
  • Keep the dog (and kids) away from wet grass.
  • Use pet-friendly landscape accessories to cover bare spots on your property.

If you need help with lawn and landscape activities this year to revamp the place or make it dog-friendlier, our landscaping company in Liberty Township, OH is there for you.