Not so long ago, we have talked about overseeding your yard. Our technicians in lawn care in Liberty Township, OH, often recommend reseeding as landscape restoration and enhancement project. After all, can we enjoy a lush yard in the absence of a dark green, thick lawn? While the process of overseeding is quite easy, especially with the help of our lawn care company, what we do after can have a positive or negative impact upon your lawn’s healthy development. We learned that many homeowners do not know what to do after they overseeded their yards. So let’s see some tips and suggestions from our specialists in lawn care in Liberty Township, OH!

1. Protect the Overseeded Yard

How do you make sure the seeds yield resilient and healthy grasses? Here are some things to do, according to our lawn care providers in Liberty Township, OH:

  • Avoid walking on the overseeded lawn or landscape areas. Heavy traffic traumatizes new seedlings, stomping their growth and even killing them. It goes the same for children and pets who should stay away from the overseeded areas until our experts in lawn care in Liberty Township, OH, give you the green light to reuse those yard zones.
  • Avoid chemical lawn treatments right after you reseeded. After an overseeding session, weeds will indeed burst to life and attempt a takeover. While you have to manage them, you should refrain from applying herbicides or fertilizers. Talk to our experts in lawn care in Liberty Township, OH, about such interventions. Usually, you can apply regular fertilizers once the seedlings became sturdy grass blades.

2. Water the Lawn Properly

When you water an overseeded lawn, keep in mind the following rule: irrigate the area daily (up to two times a day). Talking to our experts in lawn care in Liberty Township, OH, about proper irrigation on reseeded landscapes may generate a valuable decision regarding irrigation systems and lawn sprinklers maintenance. It may be what you need for your yard, especially if you do not have enough time to water the lawn daily or follow specific seasonal watering rules.

3. Get Support from Our Experts in Liberty Township, OH

Protecting and caring for your freshly overseeded yard is just the beginning. As you know, soon enough, you will have to mow and edge the lawn and flowerbeds, perform fertilization and weed control, prune trees and shrubs, and so much more. Instead of spending time and money with lawn experiments, you should ask our pros in lawn care in Liberty Township, OH, for a free estimate and a complete lawn care program.