If you want your lawn to be healthy and green, you’ll want to fertilize it throughout the year. There are two types of fertilizer treatments: granular and liquid. Both fertilizer options are beneficial, but there are a few key differences. Granular fertilizer is a type of fertilizer that releases nutrients slowly over an extended period. Liquid fertilizer is a fast-acting option that allows your lawn to absorb nutrients quickly. Granular fertilizer tends to be the better option for lawns in Ohio because it will keep your lawn sufficiently supplied with nutrients longer than a liquid treatment. To ensure the right type of fertilizer treatment is used and that your lawn reaps the most benefits from it, you should always hire professionals to apply it for you!

What's the difference between granular and liquid fertilizer?

Granular and liquid fertilizers are both beneficial treatments, but it's important to note some key differences. Some of the most important differences are how quickly the fertilizer begins working, how each is applied, and when the best time to use it is.

Granular fertilizer will provide nutrients to a lawn gradually. This gradual release of nutrients allows for consistent lawn growth throughout the season. Granular fertilizer is also commonly applied using a spreader and will need to be watered into the lawn after the application to be activated.

Liquid fertilizer, as its name implies, is a liquid treatment that delivers nutrients to the roots of grass quickly. This allows the lawn to reach a healthy green faster and is most beneficial for those looking for quick results. Your lawn absorbs the nutrients quicker with liquid fertilizer, but it will require more frequent applications to keep your turf supplied with a sufficient amount.

Is granular or liquid fertilizer better for your lawn in Ohio?

Bright flowers border a recently fertilized lawn in West Chester, OH.

While both liquid and granular fertilizers provide nutrients to your turf, you may be wondering which is the better option for your lawn in Ohio. Well, the answer is granular fertilizer! Granular fertilizer provides a long-term nutrient supply to your lawn without the risk of fertilizer burn.

A fast-acting approach like liquid fertilizer may be ideal for a lawn that needs a quick boost; however, a slow-release approach like granular fertilizer ensures your lawn is given the proper nutrients slowly over an extended amount of time. The time-release formula allows essential nutrients like phosphorus, potassium, and nitrogen to reach the roots in small increments, ultimately developing a strong root system!

The gradual introduction of nutrients to the lawn also helps prevent fertilizer burn. This happens when too many nutrients are applied to a lawn at one time and the lawn is unable to absorb them. This can result is brown or even dead grass.

Granular fertilizer releases nutrients slowly and the lawn absorbs them gradually, which reduces the chances of fertilizer burn!

Always hire professionals to fertilize your lawn.

If you want to ensure your lawn is fertilized correctly and that the right treatment is being used, you should hire professionals to fertilize your lawn for you. Professionals will know how and when to apply fertilizer treatments and will also use the right type of treatment for your specific lawn to get great results!

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