The fall and winter months are perfect times of the year to plant some trees and shrubs. However, many homeowners wonder whether it is a good idea to plant trees in the fall. While there is no definitive answer to this question, our experts in landscaping in Mason, OH, have some tips for you. Planting trees in the fall depends on many factors: local climate, tree/shrub varieties, weather forecast, and so on. So let’s see today a few tips on how to make sure your fall tree planting efforts succeed.

What to Consider Before Planting Trees/Shrubs in the Fall

Ideally, trees and shrubs require around six to eight weeks to establish roots before the first hard freeze. On the other hand, as our landscaping company in Mason, OH, says, you can plant them whenever the soil is still workable.

One trick our specialists recommend is to look around at the other trees in your landscape. Do they still have leaves? Then, you can plant new ones too. Of course, the rule of thumb is to check the soil’s temperature – it should show a consistent 50° F or higher for a few consecutive days.

How to Handle Tree/Shrub Fall Planting

Here are some tips and tricks our experts in landscaping in Mason, OH, recommend you take to heart if you decide to add new trees to your property during October and November.

  1. Keep the newly planted trees or shrubs watered every week until the ground freezes.
  2. Apply a generous layer of mulch to ensure the soil maintains an optimal temperature for a longer time and the soil’s moisture at a constant level.
  3. Don’t fertilize or amend the soil excessively. Compost and bone meal works to strengthen roots and stimulate growth, but that is all you need.
  4. If it is windy in your area, talk to our landscape maintenance company in Mason, OH, to stack the trees and prevent unnecessary stress to the new roots.
  5. Also, consider spraying the new plants with a wilt-preventive substance for windy, cold areas to protect them from dry winter winds. If you don’t know how to handle this, ask our experts in landscaping in Mason, OH, for their help.
  6. Avoid pruning the new trees/shrub and protect their roots when you plant them.

Our landscaping company in Mason, OH, can help you with all these tasks and even recommend the best trees/shrubs to add in the fall, so call now for a free estimate!