Amateur gardeners and landscapists know a few tricks and rules when it comes to add aesthetic value to their properties, not to mention that landscaping activities do wonders to the body and soul. But landscaping is an art and a science, just like architecture, and disrespecting its essential guidelines can lead to unpleasant surprises and results. Landscaping Mason, OH are willing to reveal a few of their trade secrets with you today. Keep them in mind and apply them as often as you can, even if you start fresh with a new landscape design on a property, or you just want to upgrade the existing one.

1. Size Does Matter

In landscaping, just as in architecture, scales, sizes and measurements are of the essence. Since the house needs to blend in the outdoor design, consider it your scale etalon and build around it. Landscaping Mason, OH experts insist on overall coherence in sizes and scales, so choose the trees, shrubs and flowers to fit well with the size and height of the house and the other annexed rooms.

2. 3D Design Is What You Need

In a garden or lawn, a 3D design means simply giving depth and creating the illusion of space. You can do that with the help of vertical gardens, attracting the eye on a vertical plane. You can also use overlapped terraces of flower beds, bordered by stone or brick edges. Use curved lines and patterns if you build walkways, large and subtle and plant tall trees in contrast with short shrubs to give the whole ensemble a bohemian, artistic touch.

3. Shapes Dictate Landscape Design

As many landscape design Mason, OH experts claim, the shapes and forms must be your guides in designing the outdoor space. Straight lines, hard angles, straightforward cubical elements give the overall look a more formal touch. If you want to play with a rather artistic view, get your inspiration from more friendly shapes, like curves, arches, spheres and so on. Of course, if your house is a postmodern futuristic cube, you’ll have to take it as a model and build the rest around it.

4. Choose a Theme and Stick to It

Whatever colors, textures, contrasts and decor elements you choose, they need to be harmonious and coherent with the house and the outdoor space. As we said above, you need expert landscapists to pull off a rustic vintage landscape design around a house built in glass and steel. But if you’re not into extremely innovative ideas, the general rule is to use materials, textures and colors that match between them and match the house.